Hey, world! It's Lora.

  You've probably started school recently, haven't you? Studying new lessons and writing homework are an important part of your daily routine as a student. Parents and teachers all around the world say: "Study hard and you'll achieve your goals!" But the trick is to Study Smarter Not Harder. In this back to school post I'll show you how to "hack" studying and make it easier. Let's start!

1. Set a Goal! Image result for checkmark

Before you start studying or doing your homework, I highly recommend setting a goal, for example: "I want to have a straight A on the Maths test next week." If you set a goal, you'll motivate yourself and achieve it. This is an easy trick that you can use any time you feel or you don't want to study. Get up & do it!

2. Create a Music Playlist Image result for single music notes

Music creates a great atmosphere. Listening to relaxing instrumentals or nature sounds such as sea waves or chirping birds will help you calm down. Make sure that your background music is not too loud because you won't concentrate. One of my favourites is this one. What do you think about it?

3. Highlight! Image result for highlighters

Using highlighters can help you a lot to remember the most important information from the lesson. There are different opinions about this study tip but it definitely works for me! If you know how to use your highlighters correctly, it will be helpful for you too. Highlight only key points in the material, not everything! You can also try to colour code your notebooks, for example: green stands for formulas, purple is for dates, blue for vocabulary and e.t.c.


4. Use Flash Cards

Make your own flash cards by simply writing essential information on pieces of thick paper. You need to make sure you can’t see through the paper to get the answer on the other side. Keeping your cards simple and using keywords help you memorize faster. The less you need to remember for each card, the easier it will be to memorize it. You can also try to draw on them - a trick that helps a lot if you are studying a foreign language. If you add pictures to the new words that you're learning, they will easily stick in your mind.

5. Make Associations

You can learn faster by relating the new information to something you already know. Making associations and mindmapping are awesome tricks that I love to use. Mind maps are diagrams that help you organize ideas. Your brain naturally learns by making connections between the pieces of information. Mindmapping allows you to see those connections.


6. Avoid Distractions

Find a specific place to study and don't do anything else while you're there. Put away your phone because the texts and social media notifications that you get decrease your concentration! Make the distraction a reward. Tell yourself that once you have finished reading or writing, you'll take a break to call your friends, go out to get some fresh air or check Instagram, for example. Study for 40 minutes, then take a break for 5 minutes and do it all over again. This will keep you motivated to finish your tasks and focus on your work. :)

7. Treat Yourself

Leave a gummy bear or a chocolate bar on the pages of your textbook. When you reach the treat, you can eat it. Isn't this an awesome hack for studying?


I hope these study tips and tricks will help you study easily and without any difficulties. I know that sometimes school may be hard. But if you work regularly and take care of your body, everything will be okay. I wish you good luck! Bye!

xoxo, Lora

Published by Lora Veleva