Parenthood is not easy, ask any parent you meet, and they will say how big and heavy their responsibilities are. Parents carry a huge load on their shoulders. It is more than just providing basic necessities. It is also about protecting family from harm, securing their future, and keeping them away from danger.


We cannot stress that last sentence enough. Today, you can open the television set and watch about the horrors of the world. Go online and read about how many young children, teenagers and even adults fall victim to this cruel world we live in; especially in the online world.


Teaching the children about endless possible risks of going online and how to avoid getting into situations where they might be placed in danger is necessary but not enough. Just take the countless celebrities who have fallen victim to hacking, privacy loss and even identity theft. As a mobile network, you can do more than equipping them with proper knowledge.


Cellusys Security Solutions offer a wide variety of protection for your subscribers including family’s online and mobile activities. With the SMS Home Router and SMS Parental Control the company offers, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your subscribers is well-protected from these online predators.


So what does this protection do for you? It keeps your subscribers’ activity and their location secure and private. This helps protect family’s privacy and prevent any possible threats with regards to tracking the exact location.


The SMS Home Router also provides a centralization of all the SMS traffic that comes into your network and reroute them to a common point in your home network. It is your very first line of defence for any security lost and privacy threat. This great security solution also prevents SMiShing or SMS phishing. Phishing is one of the many ways hackers can invade your privacy. They lead you to a fake website which looks exactly the same as any website you usually use have you enter your details - as you normally would, such as username, passwords, mobile numbers, credit card numbers, etc. and steal this information without you or any family member realizing it.


On the other hand, Cellusys also offers the SMS Parental Control which lets the parent, to set policies within their family's account. For instance, this innovative security solution allows parents to configure child's phone to stop them from sending or receiving SMS at any time you wish. This is a great solution to use especially during school nights or when you feel like they might be at risk.


Through this security solution, you give the ability to parents to easily control and limit children's messaging activities by setting the number of texts they can send and even set up a "time out" for any day of the week you choose.


The messages children will receive during these "time outs" or "out of hours" period can be deferred or deleted by parents and they can also limit the number of messages their little ones send and receive per day, week or month.


Probably the best security solution any parent will delight on is the Blacklisting and White listing option where you can create a blacklist and white list group based on the phone numbers. You can easily blacklist specific numbers which you think might be used by people who are up to no good. This means children will no longer receive any messages from these blacklisted people, and they can never send any messages to that number. The white listed numbers, on the other hand, lets children send or receive messages to these numbers regardless of any other restrictions said above. For instance, even during "time outs" children can still send SMS to white listed mobile number. This feature comes in handy, especially during emergencies. Be sure to white list emergency contacts.


These are just some of the features Cellusys Security Solutions offer to the families that are using your services. So next time a worried parent asking you a question questions about how you protect children in your Mobile Network Operator, you know these Security Solutions from Cellusys is the solution to it.

Published by Inder Chauhan