Let's talk about losing. 

This week hasn't really been a great week for the ego. I didn't get into some physics competition (because random selection is fair apparently), didn't get into some medic placement and didn't get a place in space school. The other ones I kinda understand why but the space school one confuses me, was it the fact I didn't put down a correct reference email or a vendetta against private school kids? 

Next week I've also got Physics Olympiad. Some UK competition about physics that is all prim and proper and very hard. Perhaps its not too hard if you study the syllabus the exam is based off but since Scotland are idiots the exam is based off a different course that the one we learn so it's extra extra hard. Last year out of like 40 people who did it I'm pretty sure like 7 people passed and the spread was scary. The highest was 74% by yours truly, then 64 and finally 54 which is worrying. 

Deciding to try out a model paper I realised something, I've never really sat an actual exam where I didn't think I could get 100%. Whilst that might not be totally accurate it's not too far off. For some reason I'd never really considered this idea that people might not think they could get the full hunnid. My chemistry teacher asked the question and no one answered yes and that kinda astounded me. 

For this physics thing I'm kinda scared. To get a gold award and to get that mad prize so I can kinda equal yugi bear I need that mad gold but literally half of it is gibberish so right now it's a question of just trying to scrape the 70 or so percent needed to get that. 

I'll finish here on a short ass post because I have things to do so I don't completely die next week.

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