I am sure that everybody does this from time to time. Talking to yourself, I mean. People say that it is the first sign of madness but I am convinced that it is a lot more normal than that.

Well, especially for writers I suppose because, more often than not, you are trying to build a  scene or work out some realistic-sounding dialogue. The best way to do this is normal to walk around talking to yourself and seeing how things sound out loud.

It is probably not expert advice, but it is advice all the same and we should probably listen to those voices in our heads telling us whether something is a good idea or not. There are a good few times that I wish I had listened to my own inner voice replying to my words. I am sure we all do.

So, the next time you see somebody talking to themselves don't just point and laugh, because who knows, tomorrow, that person might be you!

Thanks for reading!

Published by Angie Trafford