One of the debates that are floating on the internet pertaining to the educational institute is the related to the self-defense. The term self-defense is basically associated with the particular gender, however, today it roots expand to the protection of every individual regardless of the gender he belongs to. There are many cases of harassment, acid attacks, kidnapping and molestation which has emerged in the recent time across the globe, which demands that this subject must be made compulsory, at every grade and every school all around the globe.

Reasons for the compulsory self-defense classes

1. Improves Physical Condition

One of the main benefits of the self-defense classes is that it improves the health of the individual. The bodies stamina is build up, it becomes aware of the techniques to be used when a certain predator attacks and it also develops mental alertness among the individuals. This physical fitness development improves the success chances of the individuals in a challenging situation.

2. Builds self-discipline

Self-defense classes not only build the relevant protection techniques among the pupils but will also make them discipline towards their actions. The parameter of discipline is not only confined to the self-protection aspect but also expands in every area of life. It nourishes individuals on how to control one body and its action; it illustrates the basic understanding of oneself, which assist students in understanding as to why certain failures occur and how we become more diligent through

3. Builds Confidence

Another added benefit of the self-dense classes is that its build confidence in students along with their physical health. It provides the student with the feeling of self-accomplishment as their abilities are enhanced through it. It also enhances the productivity of the individuals not only in the schoolwork but also in homes and society as a whole.

4. Reduces bullying activities

There have been cases studies which highlighted that the self-defense classes in school have reduced the violent behavior and activities which took place among them. It is because they are illustrated various scenarios which develop their understanding of the controversial situations and what strategy to adopt when faced with a controversial situation with a bully. The bullies also through these classes become aware that the targeted victim also knows the technique to counter their attacks.

Misgivings pertaining to self-defense classes

The debates which are against it provide the justification that since police and the judicial department is present why is there a need for the self-defense classes. The fact that they neglect the possibility that police cannot be present all the time at every place where such cases occur. It is, therefore, suggested and demanded that every grade must receive training on the self-defense techniques and training, where they are taught the necessary martial arts techniques, karate techniques and strength training, which equips them with all the necessary essentials for their self-protection.


An article published cheap essay writer services also endorsed the reasons provided. The debate should not have occurred in the first place as the protection is the basic right of every individual regardless of the country, race, gender, or ethnicity he may belong to. This skill can lower the increasing number of cases which occur against the innocent children. It will impact the student's live in a positive way and make them focus on becoming the better version of themselves.

Published by Joe Pirest