It is pleasant to see how more and more people are promoting to love your body.  Along with this more and more people are criticizing it too.  I love the campaign promoting "a healthy you".  My way to help me feel good about my body is through fashion.  Along with healthy eating, fashion has been a huge part of helping me feel good about my body.  I like to find pieces that flatter my body, I mean who doesn't.  The key is to find items that give off the illusion of the body type you want to achieve.  My favorite tops are loose fitting, not flowy because sometimes that can hang too much like a tent on me.  I also stick to neutrals, slouchy cardigans or fitted jackets, and skinny jeans.  Clothes have played a big part of making me me feel more confident.  I get compliments and people tell me they look to me for fashion inspiration.  Find your thing that makes you feel better, and share it with the world.  Everyone deserves to have that one thing that promotes and inspires body love, and also that helps you love yourself and feel confident.

What inspires you to love your body?
I want you to share your stories and tips with me!

Published by Lauren Emi