I've always wanted to talk about this, to write regarding this topic — a sensitive one. This is for my fellow ladies out there in particular.


What is beauty? Are there specific rules to be considered as one?

We all have insecurities. Flaws. Imperfections.

Being a girl is not easy especially with the society we live in today with so many critics. Whatever you do, people will always have something bad to say and that's how it is, we can't change the fact that we can't please everyone and that is completely fine. I want you to love and appreciate yourself. That also is not an easy thing to do and I myself is in the process of doing so. Just with the way magazines and the media show the image of "THE PERFECT GIRL" can lower our self-esteem quickly. We often compare ourselves to those false advertisements and pick out all there is that is wrong with us. It can reach the point where we try so hard to change ourselves in order to fit in and be accepted —which we shouldn't do.

SELF-LOVE. Know that you are not alone. We all go through the same thing. We are all insecure about something.  Skin color, acne, weight, height are some examples to name a few. As I said before, it's not an easy process but learn to love yourself. Accept your flaws and embrace them. Nobody's perfect. When you start loving yourself and stop comparing yourself to others, no one is going to be able to tear you down.

I know so many girls trying to deal with all sorts of things.

Body. STOP BODY SHAMING. Even to boys out there who keeps on telling girls shit regarding their bodies, SHUT UP!  You guys have no idea on how much impact your "joke" can do. Telling a girl she's "too skinny" or "too thick" are both bullcrap. OUR BODIES ARE ALL DIFFERENT. Especially when you guys insult others with the fact that they're flat chested and ask why even wear a bra when "there's nothing in there". If there's nothing good coming out of your dirty mouth, you might as well keep it shut.I know that there are girls who criticize other girls as well so that goes to you too.

I also don't understand why many ladies out there who doesn't wear makeup scrutinizes those who does. Are those girls complaining about you being different  just because you don't like makeup as much as they do? See, these are one of the reasons why conflicts go on between girls. Instead of complimenting each other and empowering women, you guys bring the other person down.

I've read a book a year ago titled "BESTIES" about two very attractive actresses in the Philippines named Solenn Heussaff & Georgina Wilson. 


It's a book where you feel like you are apart of their conversation. You know a girl to girl talk. I've seen them on the television plenty of times and thought "wow, they look so perfect". After reading the book, little did I know, they go through the same thing we do.

In this book, they talk about their good and bad days, stories of what they've learned, their adventures, love, friendships, what happens behind the camera and their flaws.


Flawless skin, perfect body and angelic faces. Although, they have insecurities too. They also talk about seeing themselves  in magazines and having comments from others with how they look different in person — especially their bodies. PHOTOSHOP. PHOTOSHOP. PHOTOSHOP. They even show how makeup changes everything.


So ladies, please learn to love yourself. You are beyond what you think you are. You can't be perfect. No one is but what makes you different is what makes you stand out from everyone else and to me that's beautiful.

Published by Chenee Torres