One of my favorite quotes of all time which I always have to remind myself of is…

Comparison is the thief of joy and self love.

I don’t know about you, but growing up in this day and age has been a little confusing, hard and pretty obnoxious. Back in Jr. High, it was almost taboo to compliment yourself, show confidence, and put yourself as your number one priority.

But things are finally changing. Slowly, but surely!

We are now finally aware that using words of affirmation to our self is just as important as sharing them with others we love.


Self Love is a verb. It’s what you do.

Is it hard? Absolutely! But does it feel awesome?! UM YEAH!

Now, get a piece of paper and start off with these thoughts…

If I truly loved myself and wanted what was best for ME, what would I do? DO THAT.

Where do you want to be in one year? FOCUS AND STRIVE.

Now, my favorite! Name AT LEAST one thing that you can do for yourself today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week? MAKE TIME. What happens if you keep telling yourself you don’t have time? Think about it.

Make sure it’s something you absolutely enjoy. Yes, the laundry and dishes have to be done and you feel great once everything is clean, but do you actually enjoy doing them? NO. Unless your my great grandma Wanda. Bless her adorable soul. <3


Paint, practice yoga, hike, swim, write, craft, play with your pets, read, meditate or even drink a couple cups of coffee while laying in a bubble bath! Oh yeah, that’s a good idea!

Understand the difference between loving behavior and unloving behavior.

Criticism of oneself/others  vs.  Acknowledging the good

Over working  vs.  Balanced work

Comparing  vs.  Compassion

Being image conscious  vs.  Living for yourself

Guilt  vs.  Learning from mistakes and letting go


Practice your affirmation to yourself! Even if you don’t believe it at the time, telling yourself these things EVERYDAY will change your mindset. I promise.


I am strong

I am friendly

I am funny

I am loving

I am smart

I am focused


I have a great personality

I have the best family

I have great friends

I have a beautiful body

I have passion

I have the ability to help others

I have drive

I have talents

I have purpose


Your mental health is just as important as our physical health. In my opinion, more important!



Published by Kelssi Bingham