As teenagers, I think it is like common to us if we struggle with a lot of things especially to girls and it's hard sometimes to deal with SELF WORTH.


I may look that I really am confident with what I do with my life and for who I am but, believe me, that's just like the outside appearance because if you'll take look inside, you'll see a big difference, it's really different from what you see and from what you know about me.


It's really hard to deal with our society today because people are too judgemental, they will do stuffs which will really bring you down, they can just do everything they want without sometimes thinking if they will hurt your feelings. And whenever we feel like we aren't accepted in the society, we push ourselves too much to fit in and we want to be our best version and want to impress everybody, but lately we know that we are already losing ourselves, that what we are doing is really not what we wanted and we're not gonna be happy about it.


A lot of things can break us, can hurt us and can destroy our confidence which we took time, a lot of time, to build. Just like me, even if how strong I wanted my confidence to be, even if took ages for me to build, just a single "you're not worth it", "you're worthless" or "you don't matter" can definitely just break it down. So, for girls out there are just definitely anyone who is on the same page like me, I hope that this blog post can really help you, and I want you to always keep this in your mind and both of us, all of us, will fight together.


First of all, no one is worthless, okay? Everyone is worth it and everyone do matter. We are all in this world for a purpose, we do live for a purpose. If you think you don't have? Why? Because you're aren't just really good enough? And then, what made you think that? There are so many factors that will just really make us feel unworthy like for example someone that you really really like doesn't like you back or doesn't want to talk to you? Oh, come on! There are tons of fishes in the sea and it's gonna be a waste of time to chase a trash. You will be worthy, you just have to find that person who will make you feel that you are really worthy of affection and love because come on you are as precious as a gem and you don't deserve to be treated unworthily. You are worth more that you can ever imagine, worth more than anything else. Don't let things define you, don't let girls/guys define you, don't let fame define you because you can only define yourself and no one else or nothing else.


You graduated or did not, you are famous or not known, you are the most loved or most hated. Whatever! Whether you thought of committing suicide or loved yourself and knew your worth. Oh, come on! Everybody deserves to be loved. We all deserve to be treated fairly and if you think that no one loves you, you will always have your friends, your family, and never forget God, He made you, He knows everything about you and He will love everything about you. Someday, you'll find someone who would give up his life for you, and you deserve that.


When you think that everything in your life seems to be falling apart, always think that there are reasons for this. No matter what your situation is, I am here and will always be here to tell you that you are worth more. Please keep this in your mind, always. I believe in you and I know that you are worthy of everything.


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Published by Michelle Pineda