* deep breath *


It’s National Selfie Day.

Okay, I know you’re probably thinking one of two things: 1- this post is gonna be full of selfies and how to get the perfect angles for max Insta likes or 2- There’s really a whole day dedicated to selfies? Yeah, I’ll go with that one, too. But who can resist, anyways?

Selfies are all fun and games until you are on spring break with your boyfriend and you two manage to break your first and only selfie stick on the very first day of vacation… Or until you realize you really did wake up like that… Yikes.

But why drain your phone battery for the sake of countless ten second selfies when you can have selfie time? Whaaaat? Time to yourself? Yeah, crazy, I know. It seems pretty apparent that teens and young adults really do spend majority of their time behind a gaming counsel, phone, or computer.

As I sit here typing this blog…

Think about it, though. What if we made NSD a day dedicated to ourselves? Consider it kind of like playing hookie, but from the social world instead. Maybe I feel this way because I often do not take time to do more of what makes me genuinely happy. The social world that surrounds us is incredibly demanding and equally as exhausting, but for what? It’s almost like social media is yet another outlet for competition with one another, so, why not start to cut it out and spend more time with yourself rather than spend time trying to impress hundreds of strangers?

Social media and social holidays such as NSD are fun and all, but what’s more fun is going out and experiencing life without feeling the pressure to constantly update people’s feeds. So, on this beloved social holiday, I challenge each of you to go out and capture the world around you rather than yourself; explore and experience it fully and not through your iPhone screen’s bad resolution. People are beautiful things, but what is more beautiful are their minds and capturing what you find beautiful allows people to learn that much more about you… And if you ask me, I think that’s worth more than the 100+ selfies in your personal feed on Instagram.

Just one more thing…

Challenge #2: 1. Post your photos of what you find beautiful in the comments here. 2. “Like” a photo of mine you find beautiful on my Instagram: @_mcvan & comment “blog”. My favorite will receive a shout-out and serve as part of my inspiration for my next blog post.


Happy Exploring!



Published by Mary Van Namee