My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I greet you with love and all hope that having heard my testimony, you will search your heart...your spirit...the essence that comes from God and belongs to God. Yet, many have robbed Him of that which SHOULD belong to HIM and HIM ALONE.

The world is very good at what it does. It serves a master who has been a master of deception for eons because he is the father of ALL lies. He is constantly trying to deceive you and me to put us into bondage and holds a VERY good track record in having succeeded in our lives at some point and time. Keeping this in mind, please consider carefully what I am saying.


AMERICAN IDOLS : Ignorance vs Choice


We have ALL lived our lives comparing ourselves to other people and in doing so we have IDOLIZED others. This is not just a statement I am sharing about my own life, but, a reality in the lives of each and EVERY one of us. It is NOT just because we have allowed the world to effect and CHANGE us, but also because we live in a world that has SHAPED AND MOLDED us since BIRTH.

Now, we can breathe. We do not always PURPOSELY go against God, but, this is why we must pray unceasingly for Him to keep us from sin and forgive that which we do.

We were unknowingly victims and participants in an ongoing war, when we emerged from the womb. If we were not offered a foundation in God and exposed to His PRINCIPLES, WILL AND WAY at an early age, then we continued upon a sinful path in ignorance. However, the MAJORITY of us, at some time or another, heard about GOD AND JESUS. WE continued in sin out of CHOICE for love of the flesh (self) and the world, pride and fear of man.

CHOICE,  this is the DIFFERENCE that DECIDES and the ONE DIFFERENCE that all of us need to consider when examining our lives and character and the lives and character of others. Do we and others KNOW the DIFFERENCE between IGNORANCE and CHOICE? --Not knowing you are committing a sin and choosing to sin. IF something is embedded in our culture or religion we may be ignorant--that is, not realize that we are committing a sin. This is why God, by way of Moses, gave His people commandments to follow. They had been in captivity , worshipping idols. It had become part of their culture and religion.

God said, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." He doesn't want us to remain in ignorance. He made provisions for our education, through His Holy Spirit .

Still, like many people, I struggled with the concept of IGNORANCE and CHOICE for most of my life, not knowing who I was, then, afraid to be myself, afraid to let others know who I REALLY WAS, all because of IGNORANCE and CHOICE.

Clinging to ignorance, I chose to compare myself to others because I strayed away from my FOUNDATION out of CHOICE. Because I had grown up in a world that told me how I should look, dress, talk, think, believe, love and function, I believed that unless I conformed to the ideological and "NORMS" of the world, then, I would NOT BE NORMAL and ACCEPTED, or I would MISS OUT on what others HAD or WERE ENJOYING.

Now, I'm sure there are many of you who believe this does not apply to you because you are your own person and because of that type of thinking  I make my case. WITHOUT GOD, WE ARE NOTHING AND WE CAN DO NOTHING! Why are we looking at other people as if they are functioning and achieving things on their own, when if not for the will and grace of God, they would have and could do nothing?

We must stop looking up to man and start looking "to the hills from where our help comes from." In other words, we must recognize God is our provider and help and place Him at the head of our lives.  This is the CHOICE, DIFFERENCE and CHANGE we MUST DECIDE UPON in our lives today!

There are some things that cannot be learned in a book or by following the letter of the law. We must experience things and hopefully learn from our mistakes. But, this still does not rid us of IGNORANCE that causes our SOUL to perish, for if it did , there would have been no need for a first or second covenant with God. Man by himself cannot keep from sin.

God knew that we could only die to the flesh (self) and conquer the world by the renewing of our minds, through rebirth through His Holy Spirit! JESUS was sent not only as a sacrifice for our sins, but, to be our EXAMPLE that this can be achieved and MAINTAINED by abiding in Him.

Along with the renewal of the mind, comes a clear and definitive identity of WHO YOU ARE AS A RESULT OF LIVING FOR GOD AND FOLLOWING JESUS! Your CHOICES in life CHANGE, as a result of a RENEWED MIND. The way you THINK, TALK AND WALK CHANGE! You can decide how you will live your life and who you will live it for.

Testifying and confessing my sins means NOTHING if I cannot tell you what I have DECIDED to do today! I can tell you ALL the wonderful and marvelous things God has done in my life, because of His GRACE and MERCY, EVEN when I was living in sin with an unchanged heart, but, if that hasn't affected how I am living, my CHOICES and what I have DECIDED to do TODAY, then, I have succumbed to the IGNORANCE of the world! PERHAPS, I have chosen to ACCEPT IGNORANCE FOR SELFISH GAIN IN THE WORLD!

The world is without remorse, unapologetic! The world is without hope, for it lies in darkness! --Always seeing things in darkness with a dark point of view! The world is without ACCOUNTABILITY! --Always looking to blame OTHERS!

Have YOU been BLINDED BY THE WORLD, my Brothers and Sisters? Have you DECIDED to ACCEPT IGNORANCE and SIN, because you lack FAITH and TRUST in GOD and believe the world can give you what you want and need?

The WORLD will try to deceive you with your OWN FAITH IN GOD! It will tell you that, if you are a REAL BELIEVER or CHRISTIAN, then, you MUST FORGIVE ALL OF ITS SIN, but, what it WON'T tell you is that it is NOT GOING TO REPENT AND TURN FROM ITS WICKED WAYS.

THIS is the character you must look at. Does the world accept ACCOUNTABILITY or is it looking to BLAME everyone else for its LACK THEREOF.

Those who stand on the FOUNDATION OF GOD do not find it so DIFFICULT to confess their sins and allow God to CLEANSE them and CHANGE them. You can tell they have been CHANGED because their heart speaks LOVE AND PEACE not HATRED, BLAME, CONDEMNATION, VENGEANCE and VINDICTIVENESS.

Has YOUR heart been changed? Have you come out of darkness? Do you reject IGNORANCE and the adversary? Have your eyes been opened to see the DIFFERENCE between choosing the ignorance of the world and choosing to accept God's Will and Way over YOUR life?

Or, are you still comparing yourself to others? No? Then, if you have TRULY made the RIGHT CHOICE and can SEE that NO ONE CAN DO ANYTHING BY THEMSELVES AND WITHOUT GOD: You don't compare yourself to coworkers; You don't gossip about neighbors; You don't discriminate; You're never self-conscious, nervous, anxious or depressed; You don't complain about what others do or don't do; You don't envy what others have or what they look like; You're satisfied with your job and the way you live; There is no need to be angry, frustrated, dissatisfied or bitter about anything, because you know God will provide if you TRUST and OBEY.

If you look upon ANYONE believing or thinking that THEY have achieved something, built something, created something, become something or look like something, without thinking FIRST of what GOD  has done for them or allowed to be done for them, then you have ACCEPTED the ignorant views of the world. Any man or woman who stands before you and professes what they have done, without knowing in their heart that it was GOD, is a thief and a liar. These are HARSH words, but the TRUTH will set you FREE!

Many profess it was God with their mouth, but their lives will prove that they know it is true by what they DECIDE to do TODAY! How have they decided to walk and talk? Do they put their FAITH and TRUST in the WORLD or in GOD?




God cares about who we align ourselves with. Within His Word, we read that He gave specific instructions to His people, on who to align themselves with and stated the consequences if they disobeyed. The consequences or punishment of the Israelites often meant that they would be overcome by sin, face death, be carried off into captivity, scattered, succumb to sickness or disease, or fall under plague. Let me remind you that we are surrounded by these things everyday, for the enemy roams to and fro, roaring like a lion. We are PROTECTED by God's HANDS of GRACE and MERCY. Yet, if God hides His face from us and withdraws His HANDS, then, Satan can have his way with us.


It has been difficult because of no one else, but ME. MY PRIDE, MY SELFISHNESS and wanting to please ME. Therefore, I allowed people in my life, whom I saw as agreeing with the WORLD'S point of view, who I believed would make me FEEL better.

This is why we seem to choose people. They make us FEEL better and MOST of the time the FEEL better is for our OWN benefit. It only becomes MORE COMPLICATED when we don't even know why we need to feel better or what we need to feel better about.

We try to sum it up to,

I want to feel better about MYSELF, but the problem is, we aren't who we are supposed to be. We don't even know who we're supposed to be because we're looking for our IDENTITY IN THE WORLD!

GOD CARES ABOUT WHO WE ALIGN OURSELVES WITH! That is why He sent JESUS! Then, JESUS asked our Father to send His Holy Spirit to be our HELPER to guide us in our CHOICES!

One cannot help but to be affected by the presidential election of 2016 because God PLANNED it this way. He's trying to get our ATTENTION to make us ACCOUNTABLE to HIM and HIM ALONE! He is COMPELLING us to put our FAITH in HIM and HIM ALONE! Donald can't save our souls and Hillary can't save our souls. However, aligning ourselves with one or the other is going to have consequences. Still, we MUST  MAKE A CHOICE because we are ACCOUNTABLE TO GOD in whom we choose to align ourselves with.

If we make our CHOICES in life based on how we FEEL, our feelings may DECEIVE us. God told Cain, I have given you the ability to rule over your feelings, because He KNOWS our feelings can deceive us and lead us down the wrong path.

Those who are voting want a candidate who will make laws and policies and appoint judges based on what they feel and believe is RIGHT. THIS has become a polarizing factor in this election, exposing the divisiveness and darkness within the United States of America and setting people at odds against one another  strongly in opposition to the feelings and needs of others. God has allowed satan to use this election to sow seeds of hatred and expose existing hatred. Why? --To separate the wheat from the tares.

On what side have you been sifted? Are you a weed or grain of substance? Whose side are you on? God's side? How do you know?

Have you been flip-flopping from one candidate to the other or are you undecided? What's REALLY in your heart? What are you hiding that you don't want others to see or that you believe God can't see? What character flaws are you willing to overlook in one candidate, but, you refuse to overlook in the other candidate? Who and what are you willing to believe to make you FEEL better about your choice?

Is your choice based upon what others might think of you or what others have told you? Are you an informed voter? Can you be informed ENOUGH or TOO MUCH?

God had Moses send men out, soldiers to scout the Promised Land and see if it was all that God said it would be and to see if they could overtake its present occupants. (Numbers 13, 14) Only two returned with good report, Caleb and Joshua. Seeing that some of the occupants were the descendants of giants, the others were afraid and already defeated, by making the choice to side with their feelings and fear the world.

Caleb and Joshua, saw the land that God had promised to them, knowing God is not a man that He should lie. They put their trust in God and what God would do FOR them and  not in what man could do TO them or AGAINST them. God punished the Israelites by making them wander 40 years in the wilderness and only allowed Joshua and Caleb to live to inhabit the Promised Land.

Will you be swayed by your feelings and giants? Will America have to suffer God's wrath and judgment? Will media campaign ads, hateful rhetoric and speeches harden your heart and mind?

Tell me, IS FEAR AND PRIDE AT THE HEART OF YOUR CHOICES IN LIFE? Should they be at the heart of your choice in this coming election?




Caleb and Joshua knew WHY they served God, so obeying Him wasn't a question or option. Yet, they KNEW they could not speak for others. God had given each one a voice of their own, choices to make for themselves, which had consequences they would have to live with.


You and I cannot speak for EVERY man or woman and impose our will upon them because of what we feel or believe!!! If that were true, then, our living and Jesus' dying would be in VAIN!!!

Let me say that again...


You and I cannot speak for EVERY man or woman and impose our will upon them because of what we feel or believe!!! If that were true, then, our living and Jesus' dying would be in VAIN!!!

"Out of the heart speaks the mind." What is YOUR heart saying? Where and in WHOM are you putting your TRUST?  WHO WILL YOU SERVE?

Man can pass laws. Man can appoint judges. What is in the world is FOR the world. GOD'S principles for HIS KINGDOM are what matters.

Laws must be made to keep order and safety within society and the world.--To help those in need. --To protect those who are vulnerable. --To keep peace and civility. --To establish boundaries, practices, policies. --To legitimize, certify, document, assess, reconcile, inform, validate, punish and establish accountability.

Yet, while we are going about the business of the world, we must not neglect the work of our Father, for THE QUESTION REMAINS AND THE CHOICE YOU MUST MAKE IS, DO YOU WANT TO BE A CITIZEN IN GOD'S KINGDOM? Then, you have NOTHING to fear, for FEAR is not of GOD! If you have been made PERFECT in LOVE and LOVE FOR GOD, then like Caleb and Joshua, you are WITHOUT FEAR, because you KNOW without DOUBT what God will do for you AND others.

My friends, have your ears heard so many lies that they cannot distinguish the TRUTH? Then, it is your HEART that needs CHANGE and not America! America belongs to God! We need only to claim it for HIM, not OURSELVES to do with as WE please and FEEL! No man can claim to make America great and that he alone can fix her! It is her heart that has strayed from God because of FEAR, GREED AND PRIDE!

It us ludicrous to believe that FEAR, GREED AND PRIDE can fix America! This is what is being offered to you by the enemy!

Why should EVERY Believer vote for Hillary Clinton? Is it because of her policies? Is it because of the Supreme Court Judges? Is it because she'll keep and try to fix Obamacare which has been so widely criticised by those who have benefitted from it in every way? Is it because she's a woman?

"Out of the heart speaks the mind." Everyday we hear Donald Trump's darkened heart that does not change. If you cannot see and hear the darkness, ask God to examine your heart, for like Donald's, it is lacking Light and Perfect Love. Donald's heart knows ONLY ONE SIDE to be on and that is Donald Trump's side. His heart lacks Godly wisdom, holiness and righteousness consistently and definitively, because it is in darkness.

No, we cannot say the same about Hillary's heart, actions or words. We cannot even claim that her past mistakes in office were done maliciously, perhaps carelessly, but not maliciously. Who among us has not made careless mistakes and tried to cover them up? She has found out what mothers have been proclaiming for ages to their children, "What goes on in the dark, comes out in the Light." God has made her transparent! When God has His hand upon you, He doesn't let you get away with ANYTHING! This is to keep you humble, obedient and within His Will and Way.

However, men like Donald Trump live their lives PLANNING AND PLOTTING to get away with as much as they can. Happy to pass the blame and debt on to someone else because the are weak and spineless men who prey upon others. When they are found out, lies and money help them slither away to a new victim. He has found new prey within his supporters and has cooked up a new scheme to con and pay his debts.

We can thank God for emails,  private servers and for now, Wikileaks in Hillary Clinton's life, knowing that they have been agents for change. As Believers, we know that God can change what was meant for evil into good.

Wiki leaks is a passing trend. After all, you can't tell on everybody without making more enemies than friends and what about those secrets you hold on to for needed leverage and blackmail? Criminals never learn. Crime really doesn't pay. A minority or poor man receives stolen goods and systemic racism and bigotry within the justice system will try to lock him up and throw away the key. A white man who runs an organised crime ring for theft and espionage, paying people to spy and steal information, which is of national security and could be life threatening, walks around free, continuing to make money on other people's misery. Shame on us.

But, God does not like people to act ugly and hurt other people, so, Wiki Leaks, will reap what it sows. They can dish it out, but can they take it?  Selfish gain at the expense of others is the foundation of their company. Yet, many claim that they have done a service to the public. Have they no FAITH in God's righteousness and the strength and power of HONESTY and TRUTH?

Can we disagree with one lie and call another lie Truth because it serves us for selfish gain?

We have many beautiful songs to represent our nation and patriotism. One of them is "America the Beautiful." Profound words taken from the seventh verse state: America! America!

God shed his grace on thee

Till selfish gain no longer stain

The banner of the free!

Selfish gain is at the heart of Donald Trump's campaign for presidency, businesses and life! How selfish and insane is it to ask people to make you president so that you can get into heaven? If anybody on the street had said this, they would have IMMEDIATELY been taken to the nearest psychiatric hospital!

Donald Trump doesn't really want to go to heaven, it's crowded with people he would call losers: captured war veterans; people who use to be disabled; Mexicans and refugees; dumb people who paid taxes; and there are no hidden discriminatory housing bans.

In heaven, Black People live in mansions and there are no white or segregated neighborhoods. Donald Trump wants DIVINE GLORY, not HEAVEN! Heaven is contrary to what he believes in, stands for and how he lives. Money has NO PURPOSE in heaven and does not represent SUCCESS or gain you a celebrity reputation. There are NO FANS, just FOLLOWERS and SERVANTS and they ALL follow Jesus to serve God. With Trump in heaven, there wouldn't be enough room for Jesus and God, because Donald needs to be in charge and for everything to be about him. If he can't be humble and contrite on earth, why does he expect to get into heaven? If you haven't learned to follow Jesus and serve God by Judgment Day, no pun intended, you are looking to be FIRED!

Does Donald know ANYTHING about HEAVEN, or like his views on preparing for debates and the presidency, he doesn't  think it's necessary to prepare for heaven because he's Donald Trump? So, he believes he can take a shortcut. He must think VERY LITTLE of God's intelligence and judgment.

Okay, I've used a bit of sour humor to try and get a point across. We all know that there is much truth in humor and comedy mimics life, but the seriousness of making a statement about getting into heaven by becoming president is a remarkable statement signifying an unstable and disturbed mind in turmoil; a lost soul with no guidance, living in blissful ignorance.

Yet, the Republican Party stands by and supports Trump after each bazaar and incendiary remark he makes because of their unwavering, first priority-- selfish gain. People continue to support him, despite his hijacking the Republican Party, rhetoric that betrays his country, exhibiting misogynist and sexual predatory behavior, racism and bigotry against minorities and religions, and unsurmountable evidence to prove his unfitness for the office of president, because they are locked into SELFISH GAIN.

Conservatives and evangelicals hypocritically support Trump to push anti-abortion, knowing he is supporting gay rights. Even if it is just to win their vote, how much more is it hypocritical to support such a man?

Many people support things to make themselves FEEL better and look good. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who has helped children who need to be adopted and included this cause within her campaign,  while Trump and his supporters are worried about keeping their guns, which children die from in gun accidents, violence and terrorists attacks. It seems that their concern for the unborn child stops there and relieves them of any responsibility for children who are already in the world, suffering, in need of refuge and a home. Instead of Jesus, SELFISH GAIN is at the center of their hearts. How the adversary plays with these lost souls!

Trump supporters cry out, "Build that wall!" and "Lock her up, Lock her up!" Yet, their crimes are against God and they are of greater guilt in their condemnation of their neighbors and forsaking God's Will and Ways.

Trump feeds lies, hate and anger to their already full stomach, until they are bursting with hatred and anger! It makes us all FEEL angry to think about it! However...


You and I cannot speak for EVERY man or woman and impose our will upon them because of what we feel or believe!!! If that were true, then, our living and Jesus' dying would be in VAIN!!!

We must love even our enemies and pray for them. We are not fighting FLESH!

Hillary is right, Trump is a puppet, but Putin is not the Puppet Master. The Master Puppeteer--Satan is our true enemy who pulls the strings on Putin and Trump.

Why vote for Hillary, my friends? This is a very different election, indeed. It is one where a foreign government is trying to destroy democracy. If this hasn't gotten your attention, then you are LOST or ASLEEP.


If you don't vote, one day you may find yourself without the option to vote--period! Donald Trump has NO LOYALTY to the Republican Party or to the United States of America! He is trying to destroy it. That was their plan all along. He was indoctrinated into white supremacy by his father who belonged to the Ku Klux Klan. The fact that millions of people who call themselves Christians, pastors and children of God, support him, shows how many lost and false believers are out there, worshipping God with their mouth and not their heart. God should ALWAYS come FIRST!

Yes, America is a country and we should love our nation, but The United States of America and Democracy is first an IDEA built upon the FOUNDATION of GOD and the FREEDOM of FAITH and TRUST in GOD. These ideas have been our saving grace. We do not have an ideal democracy. It is not a perfect or ideal form of government, because we live in an imperfect world. However, it is a form of government that gives us CHOICES and UPHOLDS GOD'S GIFT OF FREEWILL!

As citizens of God's Kingdom and caretakers of His world, we must do everything to uphold Truth, Holiness and Righteousness and dispel the lies around us to keep our defeated foe underfoot and prevent him from expanding darkness and his territory. We must dispel the lie believed by Donald Trump and his supporters that global warming is a hoax. The adversary would like nothing better, then for us to destroy our planet and in doing so--ourselves.

As BELIEVERS, we SHOULD be on GOD'S SIDE, not just because of what He has given us or what He can GIVE us, but because of WHO HE IS! He is our CREATOR, our FATHER, He is LOVE, HOLINESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS, JOY, PEACE, ALL THAT IS GOOD! Without Him, there ARE no choices and no life. GLORY TO GOD WHO IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!!! AND THE LAMB OF GOD WHO IS WORTHY OF ALL HONOR, GLORY AND POWER!!!


Think about that, God's Kingdom will reign forever and ever!!! And most of the world is fearful of who will be the next president of the United States!




Do not allow this election to be about the SELFISH GAIN of one man's vain and futile pursuit of divine glory, or the failure of the Republican Party to stand up to a bully, or the fear, hatred and pride that has swept across the land.

O beautiful for spacious skies,

For amber waves of grain,

For purple mountain majesties

Above the fruited plain!

America! America!

God shed his grace on thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!


O beautiful for glory-tale

Of liberating strife

When once and twice,

for man's avail

Men lavished precious life!

America! America!

God shed his grace on thee

Till selfish gain no longer stain

The banner of the free!


your grateful and humbled servant, united with the One, in Jesus' Most Holy and Precious Name



Published by Mishael T