God is selfless!               satan/this world is selfish!

The world is drifting toward self-focus. Between cameras on the front of phones, an actual name for a self-portrait (selfie), and a stick that allows for better self-portraits; the world falls deeper into inward focus. The more we give to God the closer we are to Him. The giving doesn’t include the material things of this world that also attract so much attention. This refers to the giving of ourselves, that is, our life. Our presence on this earth is meant for a purpose desired by its creator. When we serve God’s purpose and honor His desire we find peace and prosperity. The more that we try and take on ourselves, the bigger the handhold of the deceiver. His desire is that we rely on ourselves and believe that we don’t need God or His salvation. His relocation to hell is because he thought he deserved to be ranked alongside God. When we try and do what we desire for our lives we are committing the same offense. As we drift inward toward self-centeredness we drift away from the light of God. Leaving this world with that inward focus will leave us in the darkness, as opposed to the light found in the presence of God.

Published by Thomas Hopkins