These days every retiree has a gamut of choices when it comes to where they will live as well as how they will spend the time post-retirement. Are you ready to explore the various retirement facilities for older adults? Well, then keep reading - 

Types of Senior Living Facilities

Take a look at the different types of senior living facilities available today namely,

  • Independent Living- Right from senior apartments to at-home care, people have a lot of choices when it comes to independent senior living. Some of the benefits of going with independent living include it is affordable, people can retain independence and services, and programs will be available to live in their own home till the last day.
  • Age Restricted Communities- This is a housing choice where residence must be people above a specific age. The residents, depending on the community, may reside in an apartment, a townhouse, a condo or a home for a single-family. No matter one owns a house or rents it, it depends on every individual community. There are niche retirement communities that cater to seniors with specific interests. An age-restricted community is perfect for people that need no or little additional help and desire in living near those around their age. The benefits of living here include people can build a friendship with neighbors, made for those with limited mobility, lawn care, and home maintenance will be taken care of, will be more active and more.
  • Assisted Living- The assisted senior living facilities are housing options which offer assistance with activities related to daily living such as bathing, cooking yet not much of medical help. They offer doctor's appointments, transportation, exercise, and recreational activities, laundry, housekeeping, and meals. Some provide limited nursing staff and also provide onsite entertainment venues and beauty shops. The different benefits of assisted living include professional assistance with daily activities, different choices accessible when it comes to choosing a residence and appropriate care guaranteed.
  • Memory Care Facilities- This is a part of the nursing home especially for those who have dementia and Alzheimer's. Typically these facilities have lots of staff that provide more supervision as well as include security features for preventing residents from wandering outside unsupervised. The benefits of choosing this facility include security features for the safety of the residents, making patients feel at ease and specially trained professionals to look after people who have dementia or Alzheimer.
  • Nursing Homes- This facility will offer medical care of a high level and will also provide other services such as laundry, housekeeping, transportation, meals and help with other essential activities. Besides they offer 24/7 supervision and medication management. The benefits of living in a nursing home include quality medical care provided for people suffering from complex medical problems and most importantly are regulated and licensed to ensure proper care.

Apart from these, the other senior living options for retirees include Respite Care, Hospice, Continuing Care Retirement Community, Co-housing, Home Sharing, Moving Abroad and more. So choose wisely as per the need and budget.

Published by Karen Anthony