I don't know what any of this means but I've been seriously disturbed by it all day so maybe if I share, it won't seem so bizarre. This was definitely a dream and it jumps around a bit so I will try to keep the confusion to a minimum.

It starts out (where I can remember anyway), I'm at a town home complex visiting some people I don't recognize but it seems that I had lived in this complex at one point since I commented on the layout being different from my old one.  Then I'm walking through the home to the bathroom, which is on a landing behind the living room and I proceed to take a shower. (Yeah I don't have any explaination for this one) When I get out and am dressed, I go into the living room and start talking to these two women who I don't recognize outside of my dream but I'm clearly friends with in that world. We are waiting for someone and then we are planning to leave to somewhere unclear.

The person who we were waiting for shows up and I do recognize him, he is an ex boyfriend of mine that has been dead for 16 years, only I call him by his first name and not the nickname he actually went by (not sure how important that is but it's a bit weird to me). Anyway, we all start walking down an empty street and it starts to snow. There were conversations that were kind of like the adults talking on Charlie Brown.

We arrive at our destination, which is a generic suburban house, nothing special. One of the girls is anxious, pacing and looking out the window like she's waiting for someone. It is still snowing and now it is in drifts, we appear to be snowed in and the pacing girl is more and more anxious until finally she yells "there he is!" And bolts out the door. The rest of us exchange confused looks and follow her to see what is going on.

There is a man in the driveway of this house, just standing there looking up. The girl hugs him and the 3 of us are standing back a few feet from him when I notice something, there are no footprints in the snow, there are the footprints coming out of the house that we all made but none from where this guy came from. I point this out to the other two and we retreat back inside.

Now it skips, it must be later since the sky is dark and it's just me and my dead ex in the dining room, he is sitting at the table staring down at his hands and I seem to be nervous about something, as I keep pacing.  He keeps repeating "just wait, just wait" I seem to be just as confused in the dream since I keep asking what we are waiting for. He never answers, I go to the big living room window and the sky is lit up like its daytime. It doesn't seem to bother me right away and I walk back to the table, a bit irritated since I'm not getting straight answers, I straighten up and look back out the window and say "but it's night time, what happened?"  Then to answer my question, I see big yellow balls of light fly straight down from the sky in the distance and I start to panic, looking for a safe place to go. He doesn't move from the table and won't look up. I start to feel my skin burn (yes I could actually feel it) I am desperately trying to find safety and he stands up and says "you will be safe soon" and I wake up.

I had to check a few times and make sure I wasn't horrible burned and deformed when I woke up and I could still feel that sensation.

This has been in the back of my mind all day and making me uneasy.

Published by Liz Zemlicka