What is SEO?

Ø SEO is Search Engine Optimization which means that the article that has been post by us on the internet is one amongst the few that appear on the top after being searched for them.

Ø Today this is easily possible by paying for the posts or some other means.

Ø However, it would be great if the article really consists of the best ever contents. This includes having purely unique information, preciseness, efficient words and of course the best content.

So here are the latest SEO trends for 2018

1.    Mobile/Cell-phones


Ø The very first index in SEO.

Ø With the fastest growing use of mobile phones, it is very important to provide an interface for use into mobile phones because it is a gadget that anyone carries in hands and uses most frequently.

Ø This is the latest trend for SEO and developing sites for a proper interfacing into mobiles phones is an important aspect that anyone needs to follow.


2.    Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

Ø Here SEO is done with help of voice search and digitisation techniques.

Ø With the help of these new technologies, the results obtained are highly contextualized and thus successful SEO strategies can be obtained.


3.    Visual Search

Ø This is an approach where the search results are obtained in a visual format such as images and videos instead of going through phrases and paragraphs.

Ø This is highly an advanced search type and provides more effective results.

Ø Optimization of visual content becomes very important for brands and thus information obtained is fast as well as accurate.


4.    SERP features

Ø With the help of SERP features, it is possible to track the ranking of your page and its visibility to the viewers.

Ø This provides an effective way to make changes to your contents and use some more options in order to get the best of rankings as well as get more number of searches.


5.    Providing a structured data

Ø This is one of the most important methods as well as a very fast emerging trend.

Ø Consider an example that you search for a particular topic. The search results provide you the first link that shows a written content as well as a practical explanation on it. The second result would be one that consists of written material only. In such cases, it’s quite obvious for any viewer to go with the practical as well as a written explanation rather than just reading and understanding.

Ø Hence, a structured data should be one of the main goals for SEO.


6.    Voice search

Ø  A very important parameter to get the work done in the fastest possible way.

Ø Today, a direct voice search is considered more relevant rather than providing the query in a written format.

Ø This helps by saving time as well as giving an accurate explanation that won’t restrict you to provide proper spellings.



Thus, we have seen a few SEO trends for 2018 that will be emerging in 2018 and advancing throughout. These trends are all based on the newly emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning as well as many others.