Hi guys! I know this post is a little late considering we're halfway through October 😂 but I've put together a few of my fave things from September!
Last month I bought these amazing collapsible lunchboxes for myself and bae from Cool Gear, which have compartments for a main dish on the bottom, and three small compartments with lids for snack up top. Plus, they have a freeze gel lining so your lunch will stay chill on the go! These make packing a full lunch so easy - I love picking out our snacks the night before... #snackgeek.
2. Torune and Kotobuki Kawaii Bento AccessoriesIMG_3130.JPG
To go with our new lunchboxes, I got some freaking ADORABLE bento box accessories, including some panda food picks and condiment containers. It's the little things that brighten my day during work at the day job, and seeing these put a smile on my face. I've been stacking the pandas with small snacks like grapes and edamame, and using the containers for soy sauce and ginger paste for my soups. Plus, the latter hold a surprising amount of liquid and are leak-proof!
3. Star Wars & Fallout Geek HatsIMG_3127.JPG
My collection of Star Wars apparel continues to grow, with the addition of this snapback from Hot Topic. It features the Rebel, Empire, Mandalorian and Jedi symbols around sides and back, and the neutral black and white makes it really easy to pair with outfits!
Also from Hot Topic (I had a gift card :-P), I got a Fallout beanie, featuring the Vault Boy patch on the front. The logo has really nice quality stitching, and the beanie is thicker and more durable than I expected, making it perfect for the colder months!
While I had one of the songs from this album in my iTunes for years, I never really took the time to check out the rest of this soundtrack. I stumbled across it a few weeks ago while researching the latest Mirror's Edge game, and I can't believe I hadn't listened to the full album before! It's a combination of chill and energetic electronic/ambient tracks by Solar Fields - perfect for working, studying, gaming or simply daydreaming. I can't wait to delve into the soundtrack for Mirror's Edge Catalyst as I've been hearing great things about it as well!
Unknown.jpeg 1476340877180.jpeg
Lastly, another audio-related fave! As someone who often has long commutes, podcasts are a necessity. I'm always looking for new and different shows, and so last month I found a couple more good ones to subscribe to. I'm totally hooked on My Favorite Murder, where two awesome and funny ladies discuss - you guessed it - their favorites murders. For this podcast I recommend starting from the beginning so you get the most stories and overall progression of the show.
The second podcast I've subscribed to is The Savage Land; a nice geek-centric show which offers humorous and intellectual perspectives on a variety of topics such as comics, TV shows and more. Perfect for unwinding after work!
So those are my faves from September! What are some of your new favorite things? Any podcast/music recommendations? Comment down below ;-)

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