A writer's work is never truly finished or complete until that last breath passes through purple lips or a personal decision to hang up the pen is made. From one's past to creative sparks that morph the normal into fantastically weird, we turn our thoughts and theories into artful entertainment for your viewing pleasure.

Some may express their loyalties with one particular genre be it fiction/ non-fiction, short stories/ novels. Others have a love towards all genres of this brilliant art and dabble in a little bit of everything, adding the spice of life in story form. While an endless supply of light bulbs flicker on, sparking  fresh thoughts that lead to full on glowing works of art, light bulbs burn out at some point. Replacement of a new bulb equals a fresh new spin on a first piece. Polished sequels begin to flicker as each replacement bulb is installed. Revisions made, tweaks made and booya!

A writer can create hundreds of masterpieces, but our medium preference is ink or a keyboard, nothing written/ typed is carved into stone. Just because sequels or even multiple sequels are formed from an original doesn't mean a loss of intensity or originality occurs. Each one has it's own identity, causing a ripple effect of new ideas and theories. Like they say, there's more than one way to peel a banana. Or, if you fancy this better, one tiny pebble doesn't just create a single ripple, it creates several ripples. Each one different and distinctive.


"Some of these stories have been previously published, but that doesn't mean they're done, or even that they're done now. Until a writer either retires or dies, the work is not finished, it can always use another polish and a few more revisions..." -Stephen King

Published by Derra Sabo