Hey guys, I know I know I have a bit m.i.a but have you guys ever had a job and you only work during the holidays?! so the boss always assumes you need the money so they put you in like every single day?! and not just half days but full lengthy hours that feel like you've spent all your adulthood there?! well that was me. I do need the money but my body is in pain...I feel like calling in sick.

But anyway, I am going off track a little soooo....SERENA WILLIAMS is saying bye to her family name and is getting another. We all know what that means right?!

*staring at those who haven't clicked yet*

...yes Serena is getting married to Alexis Ohanian. 

And yes, it was just like a fairtale. 

Well we wish them all the best, don't they just deserve it?!


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