Aaron Becker created an adventure masterpiece in Journey, Quest, and Return, the three wordless books of the Journey Trilogy featuring a young girl and her magical red crayon (chalk, marker), the young boy who helps her and his purple winged bird.

Becker introduces the reader to a bored young girl; her mom, dad and sister are all too busy to play with her, when she discovers a red crayon that she uses to draw a door on the wall of her room. (The mom in me is like, WHAT, not on the wall, we rent this house.) When she steps through the door, a whole wide world is revealed; the girl draws herself a red boat and floats down the stream and begins to explore the friendly new world, with its beautiful city and canals. The girl meets a purple bird, is pursued by a villain and has to try and rescue the bird; which she does with a little help. Unlike Harold and the Purple Crayon, the girl only draws some of the things in this new world, primarily her solutions to the problems facing her, whereas in Harold, he draws everything he encounters. Becker’s pictures are detailed and intricate, engaging readers of all ages with sweeping gorgeous scenery.