When I was young, Robin McKinley's duology The Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown were two of my favorite books. I loved how they depicted strong females who acted for themselves. These proactive girls took control of their destinies, battled their own demons, and made something of their futures. So it shouldn’t be surprising that both of these books have been challenged, I say give them a read as part of #BannedBooksWeek, they are amazing books and well worth it.

The Blue Sword contains some of the most beautifully written imagery I have ever read. Harry is an orphan girl, ordinary it seems in every way, until she is kidnapped by King Corlath and taken deep into the desert. As she learns about the nomadic lifestyle of Damar and its magnificent horses, hunting cats and proud Hillfolk, Harry uncovers an ancient magic inside herself, kelar, that may be the key to the survival of everyone.


The prequel story, The Hero and the Crown, is about Aerin, born to King Arlbeth and his second wife, a northern woman, widely believed to have tricked the king into marrying her to get an heir and then died when she realized she gave birth to a girl. Aerin is an untrusted girl, who dedicates her life to slaying the dragon Maur and the mage Agsded to save the country that has turned its back on her.

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