Overall I did really enjoy this series although it started out incredibly slow.

I love the world and how it’s really just a world that exists but we just don’t know about it. I like all of the creatures and how there are boundaries between the Shadowhunters, werewolves, warlocks and faeries. Although I kind of wish we had learned more about what faeries are like in this world.

Since this story takes place in the 1800s the sexism in this series is horrendous. It makes sense for the time period but still.

I hated the love triangle, because I felt that it was strange and unnecessary. I also felt that there was just a lot of romance in general for a group of people that was under attack by a metal army that was specifically designed to wipe them out.

What bothered me the most was that, while a lot of the dialogue is beautifully written, sometimes it was too drawn out. I would’ve appreciated in some parts if it was more straight forward.

Below are my reviews for each individual book:

Overall, that’s 4.17 stars our of 5. It is one that I would recommend and I really hope that The Mortal Instruments is just as good!

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Published by Rae Coleman