How do you spend your time?  Do you spend your time on the things that you love?  Do you know what things you love and want to spend time one or with?  Or do you just not have the time to figure that out?  

Do you have a passion?  Do you spend your time on that?  Or have you never made the time to find that passion?  

Sundays are usually a good time to take the time to discover what it is that you love and what your passion is.  Do not tell me that you do not have time!  I have always believed that you make the time for what is important to you!  Really!  It is a simple truth.  You have one life.  I think it is important enough to make time for it!

Leo Babuta, a blogger, a writer, a runner, and a father of six created a blog SEN HABITS to find simplicity in our daily life.  He has become healthier and calmer over the past 10 years and is pursuing what he loves.  You can visit for the details on the list; but for now, here are ten ideas he has to SIMPLIFY:

  1. Make a short list.  This is a list of the top four or five most important things in your life.
  2. Drop one commitment.
  3. Purge a drawer.
  4. Set limits. 
  5. Simplify your to-do list.
  6. Free up time.
  7. Clear your desk.
  8. Clear out your email inbox.
  9. Move slower.
  10. Single-task.

These are simple things to set yourself free, then, if you want, you might have a list of the important things in your life.  That is freeing because everything else can be dropped or simplified.  Then, maybe, you will have the time to go to a quiet space and, over time, have your passion become apparent to you in a very slow, quiet way!  Freedom!

Published by Janice Marie