Diesel engines are popularly known for its durability, reliability, and efficiency and for this reason they are one of the prominent choices of heavy-duty vehicles. 

Not only this, they are gaining popularity for their reduced carbon emission, fuel efficiency and better performance than normal gasoline vehicles.

While they are quite popular, there are myths associated with the same which is slamming its image among user around the world. Have a look at some of the myths that are flying around the technology:

They don’t work in winters:

Folks! Modern technology for cold-start is quite effective; it ignites with very little or no effort. Diesel engines come in crystallize form at low temperature, the reason they take some time to start promptly. However, with glow plugs, that instantly gets heated by the battery and keeps the fuel warm, the engine start working. Moreover, sometimes it’s not the weather that is hampering the engines, it’s the dirt. If this is the case, go for DPF filter cleaning and increase your vehicles life.

Diesel engine creates mess:

We mostly have seen trucks belching out fumes and black smoke, this smoke is nothing but the diesel exhaust and other chemicals. However, as per new EPA requirements, the modern diesel engines work on the same principle as that of gasoline engines.

Now, there’s a DPF installed in every diesel vehicle that instantly removes visible smoke from the engine to keep it effective. The Diesel Particulate Filter cleans the trapped ceramic matrix through a regeneration cycle.

Diesel Vehicles are not efficient and don’t perform well:

Since heavy-duty vehicles mostly rely on diesel engines, people think that the diesel-powered cars are not efficient. Instead, they are powerful and run the engine at fast and high speed.

They have more pulling power and high acceleration than any other gasoline powered car.

Diesel fuel is expensive:

Prices of the fuel vary from country to country. While some countries have prices comparable to the gasoline-powered cars, some offer high rates. Although the production of the fuel is not costly, the price may vary accordingly with taxes and other duties.

Diesel engines don’t have high efficiency:

These engines perform better at high altitudes. Since at high-altitudes, the air is lighter, more air gets added to the combustion chamber providing more power to the engines. Also, the diesel engine has turbochargers that run-off free energy that automatically gets evaporated if not used.

Diesel cars mostly rely on spark plugs:

No! Since Diesel powered cars are more sophisticated than the petrol ones, they don’t depend on spark plug for igniting the fuel. Rather they use high compression in the combustion chamber to ignite the engine.

They don’t have good feel-factor:

Well, petrol cars do give good feel, good torque in diesel car engines are also fun to use. Higher the torque, faster will your vehicle come in motion.

Since petrol variants have low torque with high RPM; they don’t offer high pickup as compared to the diesel ones.

So, those were some of the myths that were underlying all around. Now that you now that your diesel car is quite efficient to relax and get on road-trips without getting worried about the fuel.

Published by Janice Cook