Everyone wishes to get an exceptional and best things for their home, or at least the best they can afford. They are very particular about everything right from the type of the lights that are to be put up in the house to the kind of flooring.

But I would like to say everybody's all-time favorite and most popular and reliable flooring is the hardwood flooring. But then again there are several types of hardwood to choose from. In some cases, this decision has taken up weeks because they get so caught up and many questions like, which hardwood to choose? Which hardwood would be the cheapest? Or which one would have the most straightforward installation, keep popping in their mind.

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So let us ask seven questions when we are buying hardwood for our home, to make these decisions easier.

  • Which wood kind is the right one to buy?

You should not just go about following the trend. Instead one should focus on something that would match the vibe of your home and looks the way you want it to look. It should also stand up to your expectation and also should be strong enough to satisfy all your needs.


  • What wood flooring is the best for pet owners?

The best news for pet lovers is that there is a hardwood which is pet-friendly. So such pet owners should go for a light colored satin flooring, rather than a darker and shinier flooring because it would then show all the scratches, dents and the wear and tear.


  • Is it worth paying the professionals for the installation process?

Hardwood installation is not as easy as it looks, it is comparatively complicated. It is an art, the one that needs to be done with complete precision and hence it makes absolute sense to spend a bit more when putting down expensive hardwood flooring.


  • What should be the width of your planks?

Both narrow and wide planks work fine on the floors throughout each house, so that is something you should not worry about.


  • Should the cost of hardwood determine your decision?

Everybody has a budget, and they like to stick to it. You can't just buy the most expensive flooring because you like it. There are several other factors to be considered, so think about your budget and then make a decision, but the more expensive it gets, the more durable it is.


  • Should you go and visit a factory finish or a site finish?

You should realize that hardwood installation changes, depending on the type of finish.


  • Which one is better, engineered or traditional hardwood flooring?

It ultimately depends on an individual, but do consider wood cost and durability before choosing either.


Hopefully, all your doubts and questions are answered, and you would be successful in the parquet installations of the kind of hardwood you want.



Published by Shiva Kushwaha