Tiny G-strings, hot bodies, sexy lap dances, and all those Magic Mike moves would make you think about male strippers. So do we! While we're on the subject of these fascinating muscular men, that light up bachelorette parties and strip clubs with they're nudity. Here are a couple of facts about strippers, of the male variety to be specific, that you probably didn’t know.

1. You most likely know a male stripper

Now before you start swearing on your grandmother's grave, that no one you know would ever be into that line of work, think again. While stripping isn't always the first career choice for most people, it's certainly not as condemned and frowned upon as it used to be. So of course, it's not uncommon to find many young men flocking into this industry for fun or to even pay the bills. Yes, even though they specialize in bringing your fantasies to life, they still have bills to pay too. That means a good number of strippers have day jobs when they aren’t on the clock at night. They could be models, authors, even that guy that works in the cubicle next to you in accounting.

2. Male strippers are human

While this fact might seem like an obvious one, it's also quite easy to forget. Sure, we all know they're human. But because of the stigma and objectification that often surrounds the sex industry, stripping included, it's easy to ignore that they cry, love and feel, just the way we do. And more importantly, that they are entitled to their fundamental human rights just like you. Having their junk out during work hours is not a license to harass, demean or exploit them. It's also important to keep an open-mind and eradicate the stigma associated with a profession that is as honest as any other. 

3. It’s not always about the money

It may be hard to look past all the cash that gets thrown on strippers daily, and not conclude that they're all in it for the money. While some of them may do it to cover the bills, money isn't the only reason on the planet men turn to strip.  Some are in it for the fun, the performances, and the traveling can indeed be thrilling. It could be a confidence boost for others, as stripping can be an empowering act when you have a bunch of people cheering you on, night after night. Others are simply in it for the looks they get when they tell people their line of work.

4. They all sleep with their clients

This misconception will most definitely, shake some tables. I mean they're men. Who wouldn't want to hook up with as many beautiful and eager women fawning over you? Alright, some of them might, especially those just starting. But the overwhelming majority of them prefers to remain professional and would even decline such sexual advances. You have to understand that stripping isn't the same as prostitution, and even with all the nudity and body contact, certain lines will not be crossed. 

5. They are professionals

Just like in any other profession like medicine or law, stripping has rules. Some strippers go through academies, where they are trained to become professionals. For instance, many Sydney men strippers trained at the Male Stripper Academy. It's not all fun and games as most people might think. It's damn right hard work. The most obvious part of it is, having to be in shape and stay fit constantly. Men in this line of work, especially those in the academy, will spend countless hours at the gym, perhaps even on specific diets. Then, of course, spend hours more learning those sexy dance moves to perfect them and make them seem seamless. So just like every other job, they need to be committed, gain experience and work on mastering their craft to excel.

6. Male strippers can have established and meaningful relationships

Like we said earlier, they’re professionals. They pay their rent, go to grocery stores and fall in love. That’s right, outside working hours; it’s not uncommon for male strippers to date. This might seem a tad bit unusual to you, especially if you don't have an open mind. But keep in mind that these men are certainly not all promiscuous. So it's certainly possible that could have and maintain deep personal relationships when they're off duty.

7. It can get competitive

While it’s good to be friendly with your co-workers, some of the other guys can get pretty mean and step on your toes. In stripping, it's essential to nurture and maintain a friendly relationship with your clients. That way, you have loyal customers that come to cheer you on, and that equals more money for you. However, just like in the real world, not everyone is cordial, and some of the guys could steal a client from another stripper.

Well, that was an exciting list. We hope you certainly learned a thing or two about male strippers and are ready to explore their sexy and enticing world for yourself. 


Published by Charlesa Gibson