If we are being honest, we will all admit that adulthood is burdensome and we all crave to be kids again every once in a while. It is relaxing and relieving to take a day out from our never-ending schedules to have fun. There is always a big kid in all of us, waiting to break free and go a little wild.

So what if you plan a day full of activities for your employees and their families?

Corporate entertainment has always been a good investment for companies. The question is how do you inject fun into all the work?

Here’s how,

1: Choose an activity that suits the style of event you plan to host

Look for an event company that offers a wide range of activities to browse from such as mechanical rides, amusements or obstacle courses. Also while choosing an event company, see what style of event planning are they good at; Christmas parties, corporate events, family day or team building activities.

Moreover, it is always wise to discuss with your event planner beforehand about the kind of activities you want your employees to participate in. This helps them understand which activities could be appropriate for you and your employees and whether they can provide the needed services or not.

2: Consider the ability and agility of your employees

You as an employer need to understand that not all your staff members will be keen on participating in the activities. The event planner you hire needs to make sure that there is at least one activity for everyone and that the least they can do is make everyone have fun.

You need to involve activities that everyone can participate in. For those who are active and agile, activities such as human table foosball, bubble soccer, car racing withf1 simulator, and rock climbing walls could be fun. For those who are less active and agile, activities that include the range of golf games, basketball shootouts and arcade games gets even the least interested and active person in your company participating.

3: With water or without it

If it is an open ground event, chances are that the weather may heat up. In such a situation, nothing is better than turning your event into a slip and slide water park. By adding a little water to the activities does not only require new skills to complete them but also makes the day refreshing.

However, only because there is water involved, it certainly does not mean you have to make your employees change into a swimwear. It is understandable that there are some people who are reluctant in these matters. So, make sure that you don’t impose any such rules and let your employees be as comfortable as possible.

4: Foster a positive competitive environment

Although it is great to have everyone be active and competitive, you need to understand that there are few members who might be feeling daunted by this prospect.

So as an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that before, during and after the event you are fostering a positive environment (especially around the competitive activities being played). Make sure that everyone feels involved and honored and walks out of the event with a positive outlook and utter happiness.

5: Choose the right venue

It is important that you (the employer) is discussing with the event planner regarding the venue (whether indoors or outdoors) suitable for the activities. There are many event companies who themselves suggest venues suitable for the type of activities you have planned for your employees.

We suggest you to choose an outdoor venue, as it helps boost productivity and team building.

6: Make sure that there is plenty of water and food for everyone

Having a day full of activities and fun is bound to make your employees hungry. So make sure that you provide enough water and food to keep them hydrated and satisfied throughout the day. You can have food trucks around the event venue to serve your employees and their families.

7: Use a professional

Since it is a corporate day out, you certainly cannot ask one of your fellow employees to make all the arrangements. Hence, it is better to hire professionals who have great experience in making such events a success. It is always a wise choice to hire an event management company that takes care of the activities as well as the catering.

Published by Joel Borthwick