What can one night in Paris, change?

Morgan Young’s plans for the summer consisted of two things: fun and friends. Working in a small coastal Alabama town for a man she barely knew wasn’t included — especially since she can’t stay away from him.


After losing everyone he loves, Harrison Montgomery has given up on happiness — and love. When his path crosses with the feisty redhead’s, he can’t seem to get her off his mind. But their time together is threatened by Morgan’s plans to leave.

One dare may change the future.

Harrison throws down a challenge a dare that changes their lives — one Morgan accepts. But is Seventeen Days really enough to fall in love? Can they find a home in one another, or will the storms of the past pull them under?


Seventeen Days is D.B. James's debut novel and she did not disappoint. James's characters were all broken in some way from their troubled pasts, which they were working to heal from.

Morgan's fiery attitude and Harrison's absolute deliciousness kept my attention and kept me reading way past my bed time. Morgan's heart breaking past had me tearing up and torn between wanting to give her a big hug and put her selfish mother in her place. I can't even grasp the amount of cruelty and lack of humanity it would take for a mother to do those types of things to her own daughter.

With book babies like this, James is quickly on her way to becoming one of those authors who I one-click without even reading what the book is about.

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"He brought down rays of sunshine to my otherwise dark and stormy path. His soul lit mine up like a fucking shooting star. He set me on fire."

"Name's Harrison, ma'am. I'd say I'm pleased to meet you, but my mama taught me not to lie."

"I must be hearing things because I want him to love me. Because I only recently came to the conclusion... I love him."

"I'd do anything for her."

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