I'm starting Season 6a of Sex and the City (who really knows why it's split into Season 6a and 6b rather than just 6 and 7 but anyway) and I am well and truly hooked, like a fish on a line or Samantha on a sex swing.

I watched the first episode with some apprehension, I was under the impression that the central theme of the series was fashion - hence my magnetic connection. I wasn't exactly wrong because fashion is a part of the show but, unlike silly old me you might've guessed from the title that the central theme is most definitely sex. 

*GASP* the main themes of Sex and the City are sex and New York City?! I don't believe it!!!

Well neither did I sweetcheeks and I was dubious whether or not the show deserved all the hype it had but after two episodes, I knew I was wrong. Although sex is common, it's not like every scene is a graphic sex scene. As the voice over lady reminds me before most (not all, most) episodes "this show contains strong language and some scenes of a sexual nature".  And that's exactly what they are, scenes of a sexual nature, not exactly sex scenes. 

The thing that really takes me about the show is the friendships. It's not portrayed as perfect and there are fall outs and personal life, but it's honest. It's an honest friendship, a little group of four which is the same as my friendship group, maybe that's why can relate so well but when it comes down to the tears and the break ups, they're always there for each other. 

It's interesting how different the characters are to be in such a tight group. Carrie Bradshaw, the one and only, is a sex columnist, not a fashion journalist which I originally thought, who has two great loves: New York City and shoes. And girl, with them she don't need no man! She has a string of men which is entirely unsurprising with that body but will her main concern is will she ever find "the one"? Is there only one?!

Samantha Jones. Publicist. Blowjob Expert. Ready for sex. Whenever. I really think those six words perfectly sum up her character but no matter how crazy she is about sex, she would always pick her friends over an orgasm. But it would take some thought.

Charlotte York. The one girl in every friendship group who cringes at the thought of sex talk over brunch. Hopeless romantic and believer that life is a rom-com movie and even though she is aging, Mr. Right is just around the corner. Oh my God, I think I might be Charlotte...

Lastly, we come to my favourite character. Miranda Hobbs. Loyal lawyer whose cynical and pessimistic outlook on the world leads her to be cautious of love and instead just seeking her next pleasure partner. (I would've said what's said in 'da hood' but it feels wrong to swear in writing). Miranda only needs, hell Miranda only WANTS one person to tend to her needs and that's her! Wait, cynical, pessimistic, independent... Maybe I'm Miranda.

Anyway, if you're still reading, congratulations, you've survived! I would like to take this time to highly recommend Sex and the City to any female, literally any female will enjoy this and if you're male you probably will too, just don't wear skinny jeans if you get what I'm saying. 

Tell me which character you think you're most like!

Stay classy,


Published by Hannah Henley