The proven fact that reality evolves via an infinite dance of fundamental atomic geometrical shapes by having an ethical purpose, became the cornerstone of science in 3rd Century BC Greece. Plato's Academy called it the Science for ethical ends. The Epicurean University called it the Science of universal love. The movement of the moon, echoing the atomic dance of life was seen to influence the feminine cycle. The ethical purpose, in cases like this, was held to spell out a mothers love and compassion for children, giving sex a possible infinite ethical value.

Greek philosophers argued that religious beliefs weren't the main atomic purpose and others maintained that traditional cultural virtues contributed to the evolution of humanity. An essential debate at that time, was that healthy human development required a scientific understanding of infinity. This understanding was associated with a sexually orientated joy of life connected with the eternal atomic dance creating a desire to love and protect children.

Greek science was invented to save lots of civilization from the extinction process, recorded within the fossil record. Specifically, the definition of'saviour'applied to teachers of the Epicurean school. The Roman Government considered this idea as a risk to the stability of the Empire. However, it succumbed to Christian ideology during the 5th Century AD. By that time science was a musical instrument controlled by religious dogma for the goal of military conquest rather that reasoning concerning the infinite ethical purpose of the geometrical atomic dance of life.

The mathematical understanding of the dance of life under religious control during the Dark Ages was about ensuring that a particular creed developed science to safeguard itself from military conquest. Sexual selection centred upon the physical attributes of the warrior class, echoing the primitive survival mindset of previous life on the planet, most of which had become extinct. Infinite mathematical conjecture became completely banished within all scientific reasoning as a treasonable heresy. Giordano Bruno in 1600 was burnt alive by the Christian church in Rome for teaching about any of it at Oxford University.

The resulting supreme law of science became among carcinogenic growth and development toward certain extinction and therefore can't be considered as ethical. Einstein's genius, who initially agreed with that unethical proposition, provided the solution to this problem. His "we can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that we used when we created them" meant that science needed to alter its governing logic.

If humanity would be to prosper it must confront modern science's obsession concerning the certain extinction of humanity. That may involve a re-understanding of our sexual mindset. The infinite geometrical logic active in the dance of life generates a powder keg of emotional thoughts and feelings beyond present scientific comprehension. With all the best intentions, religious concepts of infinity are of little pragmatic help. This really is demonstrated by the present exposure of organized child molestation within the Christian Church and the degrading use of sex connected with acts of religious Islamic terrorism. The complexity and dynamics of sexual reality requires a much more profound and compassionate understanding.

Science is an amazing wonderment. However, its use of information and communication devices brought about a worldwide 3D dysfunctional epidemic of false financial expectations that is unethical. The mass manufacture of such devices is transmitting dysfunctional information. It uses artistic know-how to generate false social anticipation using a geometrical mathematics similar to the creation of addictions connected with poker machine functioning.


Published by Whitney Morgan