download-47Why do married men have the best sex?! Single guys just wanna fck you, pound you to death. Married men wanna show you they care, satisfy you not even worried about finishing. I prefer dealing with professional, married men because they come with less drama but I’m starting to realize the married w/out the drama, sex is TOO good. Back in Florida I was working for the adult store "" and took an outcall in Martin. The guy had texted me his address and instructions on where to park when I got there. COMPLETE NIGHTMARE! As soon as I asked for my donation he got mad and kept asking, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN” and “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING” as if I weren’t speaking english. He was ready to snap my neck when I said I don’t offer bbbj, he damn near turned into the incredible hulk, like that’d make me change my mind. I’m guessing he realized his scare tactic wasn’t working and was tired of my smartass mouth, so he gave me my money and I left. Glad the nightmare was over, the next day I received a phone call I WAS NOT

“Hello? Hi, this is j*** wife! I’m not trying to start any drama with you, I just need to know were you at my house last night because I see my husband texted you our address and told you park in front of the woods and there’s woods across the street from our house…”

OMFG, how could a married man be so fckin stupid? I thought to myself while trying to figure out if I even wanted to answer entertain the conversation.

“I don’t like drama”

Before I could finish my sentence she said,

download-48“He’s in jail right now for beating me up for finding the phone. I was bringing the bags inside when I kept hearing something ringing from his car. It was another girl, I called before calling you. She’s pregnant with his baby, homeless and 17. He gave me an std a few weeks ago…”

YA DON’T SAY? THE NIGGA THAT WAS READY TO KILL ME NOT ONLY BEATS WOMAN BUT HAS CHLAMYDIA? That’s why I don’t, I can’t and I won’t! I felt bad for this lady, she’d just gotten back from south Florida. He told me she was on vacation, just left out from him. I answered her questions, tried avoiding my profession but you can’t keep shit from black woman.

“so he invites you over, and y’all ain’t do nothing? So what’s it matter if you look like your pictures? What pictures anyways because you aren’t one of his Facebook, MeetMe, or Tagged friends? He told me his friend Dave used this phone to call you.”

SHIT LADY! She went all through his phone, god! UGH! Why didn’t she say Dave from the beginning then? This whole conversation would have been avoided. Fed up with the interrogation and this piece of shit lies and trying to keep up w/ them, I told her he called me for a service. Yes I got the money but we didn’t do anything and told her about our argument.

Yea, that sounds like him. He says that shit all the time. You’re lucky, he could of killed you! He knocked me out, that’s why I left. He woke up saying I was playing with myself. He’s crazy! What room were you in?

I explained,

“If you’re sitting on the couch watching tv, it’s in the first room on the right in the back right hand corner of the house”


Ugh worst experience EVER! Work stories along with my last relationship, make me hate men. I’ve been feeling so over men, I’ve been considering switching sides! KIDDING! I couldn’t if I wanted to, after awhile I need some act right in my life. Some of you that personally know me may have seen me during one of these times and wondered what the hell was wrong with me, but doesn’t every woman need some good dick in her life every once in a while? When I see those woman who are constantly bitching, nagging and complaining, I assume they’re mad at the world because their lesbians and don’t get any. Due to certain things from my past, I could care less for sex. It means nothing to me download-45making it easy to do for work, but I like making love. I love intimate, slow, deep love making, I just can’t get intimate with just anyone. The other night I was working and a client hit it so good I STARTED CRYING! WHAT THE HELL???

Do you know how good you’d have to be to make ME cry! He had me in feelings I didn’t even know I had and he does it every session. Every time I see him we’re trying something new, to me & of course old to him, and it drives me wild! I think about the things we do throughout the day whenever something makes me think of him. SMH like the other day when I saw a realtor 0n TV. I told him he HAS to stop, he SHOULD stop unless he wants me getting attached and actingdownload-43crazy. He claims it’s okay because he’s crazy too, lol. He also claims to really enjoy my company and the feeling is mutual. He’s such a fool, I love being around him especially after a shitty day! I wish I could spend more time with him but like everyone else w/ good sex, he’s married. Until our next visit…….

Published by Whitney Morgan