How would you feel if someone groped you in broad day light sober? What if your college turned round and said 'nice ass'? What if a stranger came up to you and started touching you and commenting on your appearance? Personally, I am sure I would find it very uncomfortable and it would upset me. I know others may be more head strong and happily brush incidents like this off. My point is, if you wouldn't do it sober in the day, why in hell would you do it at night drunk?

Is it because it is just a drunk interaction that is socially acceptable? To sexualise women? Nice tits love. Cracking job. It may not sound so bad because its so ingrained into our society that we are all immune, even numb to it.

Back to the video in question, this girl has started recording the lad for his comment 'nice tits'. She asked him to repeat what he had said several times, engaging with him and making him say it over and over again. She was quite abrupt with the lad, telling him she wasn't happy with the comment and wanted him to stop saying it (even though she'd asked him to say it over and over for the camera). The lad told her that he didn't mean it in a nasty way, he meant it to be a compliment. Trying to justify it wasn't a nasty comment etc. but I understand that it still doesn't make it right. He realised he was being recorded and asked her to stop. She said no. Now then, who is harassing who? She should have walked away from the situation, but then again it has got everyone talking. Raising awareness, bringing different opinions to the table, which is a winner in my eyes.

I am not agreeing to either side as no one is right or wrong. Both were making valid points.

Harassment is something that is not wanted. So if that girl did not want it and he kept going its harassment. If she kept filming when he asked her to stop. Harassment. When you ask a lad to stop grinding on you like a dog and he keeps going. Harassment. When a girl follows you round the club and you ask her to stop and she doesn't. Harassment.

Get drunk and have fun, but respect people. The old simple saying, no means no. I know we may treat people differently when they are intoxicated but it doesn't mean all respect for another human being goes out the window.


Published by Katy-Jane Pitt