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Things are heating up in Manchester ahead of the derby game between United and City, with the big man Zlatan Ibrahimovic himself taunting his rivals goalkeeper Claudio Bravo. How you may ask? By making a video of himself sending the Chilean goalkeeper some training gear from the Swede’s own brand ‘A-Z’. I mean talk about throwing shade right?! Let just hope this weekends derby game doesn’t turn into a mass brawl because of this…

If there’s someone I wish I could be right now, I think that would be Marcus Rashford. The kids only 18 and already showing to be an important player for both Manchester United and the English national team, earning god knows how much money. (meanwhile I'm sitting here with student loans…). He scored a hat-trick on his debut for England’s U-21 team yesterday while I finally updated my CV.. Mourinho and Allardyce, just play the boy for christ’s sake.

The World footballs governing body, Fifa, have got their Sherlock pants on after receiving word from the El Salvador national team that they were given incentives to ‘win, draw or avoid a heavy loss’  in their game against Canada. Basically, if they suffered a heavy defeat to Canada, their neighbours Honduras wouldn't have progressed in the World Cup 2018 qualifiers. I mean what’s the point of trying to influence the El Salvador players with money, they obviously already make enough from exporting drugs and weapons…..(Ok that was a cheap joke.)

Every month there’s talk and rumours thrown around of who is going replace the ‘retirement home bound’ Arsene Wenger at Arsenal and this month it’s Eddie Howe’s turn! Im sure he’s beyond thrilled by the link, I mean who wouldn’t want to be the manager of a club where the fans will adore you by simply spending money..

The term ‘made in China’ could soon hit the footballing world, except it will be ‘funded by China’. With China currently apparently sporting the most billionaires with 596 (Brag much?), according to a lot of news outlets, more than 30 are rumoured to be ready to invest in clubs in England, Spain and France. Damn, talk about Chinese revolution. 

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