My comfiest dress at the moment. I love everything about her. It’s blue, a bit ladylike, it has straps and it’s 100% cotton which makes it perfect for Summer. First of all, I waited so long for nice weather and second – clothes without sleeves. The thing I like about this dress is that the upper part is firm and tight, but then the lower part is just falling down.

As much as I love blue colored clothes, it suits me the best, that much I love red colored nails and red lipstick. I consider it for a marvels combination. Blue represents something cold and red something hot. It’s truly a contrast.

I matched my dress with a perfect pair of sandals. They’re black like the wallet, and they’re 10 cm high. They aren’t suitable for a long walks, but they do make you look cute. Sandals are #musthave for Summer. Even that it happens that your Summer is more rainy than ever, you’re still going to need sandals. They’re inevitable.




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Published by Borka Šaula