Walking under the shades of red I heard,
Falling leaves that murmered.
Telling each other their experiences of life,
They gazed me insanely and enquired whether I was interested too in life?
With a smile on my face as I replied yes,
They started discussing their experiences with abruptness.

Mesmerised by their beauty I enquired,
Don’t you feel sad on being so dried?
Looking dolefully they said,
It’s the nature’s rule and we have to shed.
Requesting them to give me the pearls of wisdom they said,
If you follow our advice we promise you’ll never regret.

On asking about the atrocities of life they replied,
Everything is transient and better days will surely come so don’t get agonised.
See the trees they give shade without being partial,
In the same way, help everyone selflessly and be cordial.
Learn the art of being optimistic and hardworking from an ant,
No matter how much scrutinised your life may be play like an infant.

How will you define love I asked?
It’s a feeling of extreme blissfulness while having your heart trapped.
How can I achieve eternity, I enquired?
Serve wholeheartedly the Gods on earth- your parents they replied.
I conferred with them how to succeed,
Their response was -through relentless hard work and hope you’ll be pleased.

How would you symbolise beauty I bowed.
All of them at once echoed rainbow,
The band of seven colours is so majestic,
It spellbounds every soul with its aesthetic.

Whom I should take the inspiration of being dutiful i asked,
The God of light- sun they answered.
Whose radiance spreads joy all over,
Whose presence make darkness blow over,
He is the one who performs his duties right,
Never misses a single day to make the earth look so bright.

Face your difficulties with courage they said,
Like the trees withstand storms they said,
Difficulties will carve a better person out of you,
It will chisel off unwanted thoughts from you.
Before leaving them I asked,
What if I ever wanted to talk to you again,
They became happy and replied,
Come under the shades of red you’ll find our new ones to guide you once again..

Published by Piyush Kapoor