Series: So I’m super excited to read the other two books of this series. I accept it’s not very original but I find the magic and the world interesting enough and I’m really like the characters and I just want to keep reading. I could probably finish this in a week but I have other priorities unfortunately. 

Book: I got through this so quick and I was hooked from the beginning; I was just consistently enjoying the story and didn’t want to put it down.

Brief Opinion 9/10

I am surprised that there are so many negative opinions around this book and that’s what originally stopped me from picking it up but I’m so glad I did. I love the characters and the world and the magic and it was just really interesting to me. I accept it’s not an original idea but it’s done really well and it’s so interesting to me.

Full Review


So I enjoyed that there was a nice mix of characters but it wasn’t overwhelming. I liked Alina but I struggled to appreciate Mal until later on. I really like the Darkling and I’m looking forward to his changes through the story. I felt really connected to the characters about as much as The Final Empire and I think that's a decent comparison in terms of it being a young adult version.


It was kind of mediocre but I think it has room to grow.


This was the best part. I liked how it was a mix of Scandinavia and Eastern European. I’m enjoying getting out of the US setting recently. I liked that the world grew and was explored but I’m sure the series has more potential to build upon this.


As mentioned previously, I admit it was generic but the way it was executed made it one of my favourite variants on the type of story. I’m really interested on how it’s going to grow within the future books and if it will hold its unique twist.


So there’s a lot of room for expansion and exploration of the overall plot but the basic points are there. If there isn’t much growth in the series then I will be disappointed because I don’t think there’s enough to carry 3 books.


I got through this so quick because the writing is light and enjoyable and not too clogged down with detail. There’s a lot of dialogue and conversation which I love and allowed the story to fly by. I had started reading Six of Crows and couldn’t get into it so I didn’t hold much hope for the writing but I was pleasantly surprised.

Magic System

I love unique and different magic systems and I always want to find out as much as I can about the intricacies. I think it is relatively simple but there are different categories and hierarchical systems that I tend to really enjoy in my fantasy books.


This wasn’t explored until near the end of the book which was a nice change. I’m ok with the villain and that we got to know more about them which is usually dragged out over the whole series.


A lot can happen and it’s pretty obvious where the story is going but I’m along for the ride either way.

I’m so glad I picked this up and if you’ve had any reservations like me due to hearing some negativity then I would urge you to give it a try because it wasn’t that big a time commitment. I mean, what can it hurt?

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