Hope your day was good. But, I had a frustrating one. What do they call it when you assume that things are going to be better after you move out of one phase, into another and two weeks later you find out that life is never so easy and you are bound to be screwed by some @#$=&ck ?

Well, I was in school about 5 years ago, when I thought, "shit!!! I screwed up schooling. Anyway, I am going to college in 3 months and I will find a new self". Then college happened, smiling, laughing and defining a new self also happened. Turns out some of my school friends join the same college and the prejudice starts spreading like forest fire. Then, for the next four years, hoping that the next day would be different, people would know me for who I really am, rather than what they assume or hear from some. Four years went by, I went to spain, got glasses, job offers and then I return to my college. There was nobody left from my batch, but the prejudice was left with the juniors and the assumption continued. 

I was fed up, I decided to join the company and there I decided that I would be the simple type, calm type, the jolly type. But, how could life let me stay so relaxed ? It had to have its fun right ? So, this time it turns out that one of my college mate joins the company before me and tells people about me ? Well, if today did not happen, I would have still said that there is no such thing as a negative publicity. A girl from no where pops up in front of me in office and asks me whether I do not talk to girls ? I smelled sarcasm and I told her that. She then tells me that the guy who joined along with her has been talking about me and telling &%#$. Today I found out that I ass who flirts will all girls I know and hit on them (well, I say, not alllllll of them).

So, what do I do ? Naturally, i lost my cool. I am a normal human being with shorter than the average guy´s temper. But still I could not just do what i felt like doing, in a professional place. You know, decency. But then I thought about it, why does it matter now, when it never did before? Why do i care ? I realized that life was trying to tell this to me from my school days itself.

Prejudice does not necessarily have to about someone´s race, or gender, or caste, or color or age. The most common prejudism is about a person´s uniqueness and other´s assumptions about that person, based on someone else´s opinion, which one has no idea about its origin and circumstance. This should change, and it would, but for the time being, it is known that people would always pull you down, use you like a tool (here, seems I was used as a conversational opener for that guy´s  hunt for girls). It is upon us, whether to dignify their words which mean nothing by our valuable emotions and time, which obviously mean everything. So chill and write about it, share it. You will definitely feel better. I know I do. 

I am sure, you would have had some experiences like this as a well. Tell about your experiences in the comments. Thank You for taking time to read my words and I hope you liked it. 

Published by Aravindha Krishnan