Last week, I lost a person in my life who had shaped the man I am today. This women, whether I knew it or not, taught me how to act, how to treat others, and the unlimited possibilities this life holds. My grandmother was amazing women. I was lucky to have her for 22 years of my life and to recieve the love and affection she constantly gave me and all of my family.  It is in times like these we realize "Everything we are, is a result of who we've been."

While attending the funeral on a beautiful, sunny day, between the tears rushing out of my eyes, I saw a butterfly elegantly fly around the casket where my grandmother lay inside. I won't believe it meant one thing or the other, but as I looked around to see who had noticed this graceful moment, I saw all of those my grandmother had touched together, in each other's arms. Each and every person standing there had their lives shaped by this women, she was apart of them. Together we all stood, differences aside, we had something in common, the love and teachings this women had brought to us.


Today, we discuss those who shapes our lives; those we inherit, those we choose, and what we learn from each and every person around us. In this beautiful life, we are consumed by excitement, engulfed by fear, and love by few. It is only in the reality of fear, that we realized how important those few in our lives are. We realized the structure, the foundation, the life they have helped us build. I believe we never truly lose someone in our lives because the piece of them they have built within us is passed on from generation to generation, long after they leave this earth.

From the day we are born, each person in our lives has an impact on who we become. Our family, typically will be the first and most residual. However, in many ways it is with pure luck they are chosen, well sometimes luck and other times misfortune. Either way, we inherit the first shapings of our lives and tend to learn and absorb the most information from them. Of course, we could speak of nature and nurture, discussing whether one or the other has preference, but that is not what I am here to dispute. No, I am here to moot the importance of those who take us by the hand in our most cumbersome days of life. Along with my parents and my older sister (who believed and still believes she is my mother), my grandmother was there. Many of the traits I exhibit may have been bred through the experiences I have had with her, and although we joke of the funny times or those one that have stuck in our heads, it is the overall journey that builds what we are left with in the end.

Now, as individuals, we may search for those we want beside us in our lives such as friends or partners. Technically, we have the ability to hand pick those in our lives. We have a choice of who we surround ourselves by. As intelligent intellectuals it seems as if we would chose people based off of specific factors. However, after listening to a recent psychology study from the "Hidden Brain" podcast, it was discovered that young individuals may become friend simply based off of their common love for foods, drinks, games and many other random characteristics. Which leaves us to believe that the way we chose people in our lives, no matter how young or old are derived from the very principles our family has built us on. Sure, people we put in our lives may allow us to learn and influence us, but at the end of the day we function based on the principle taught by those we start with.

Every person in the world has something to teach us. Maybe perspective, maybe love, maybe loss, but we all have something we contribute to this world and to those around us. I think it is our responsibility as the individual to learn from each other and find a lesson within each person and interaction. At the end of the day, our friends and family will be the ones that set the foundation for your perspective in life, but you are the only one who has the ability to interpret that perspective and leave your own path for others to learn from. Good, bad, or indifferent; there is always something to be learn. Sometimes a person will be there for 1 year and other times 22, either one may be just as important depending on what you make of it.


I want to dedicate this article to my recently deceased Grandmother. I was devastated after her loss and still have a hard time thinking about how I won't be able to go visit her. Tell her all of my plans or have her asking about a girlfriend I haven't seen in years. She took care of me everyday after school, made me sugar cookies, was with my family and I every holiday. She loved me with all her heart and she is a women I will never forget. She will hold a special place in my heart until the day I die. May she rest in Peace.

Published by Daniel Krikorian