Are you struggling to vacuum and get your carpets cleaned? Well Shark NV360 with variable suction control, motorized brush roll when makes it useful when cleaning. When cleaning the stairs, furniture, and upholstery, I guarantee this is the perfect suit for you. Those dark, hard to reach areas under your furniture and they tend to collect allergens and pet hair.

    You can use it to clean dirty corners and furniture. Its ergonomic handle enables it to clean without getting stuck unlike most of the other vacuum cleaners. Furthermore, it has brushes which allow it to pick up pet hair without clogging. Additionally, it is fitted with a HEPA filter. Therefore, read on and learn more about The Shark NV360. According to this blog, we collect a full review of the Shark Navigator NV360 vacuum cleaner.

•  Doesn’t lose suction
    It has been designed with a technology that spins air at high speed thus dust is taken in, and the suction remains consistent all through. It has good suction power which enables it to pick the more significant amount of pet hair and other debris and dirt. However, recent models have more powerful suction.
•  Motorized floor brush
    This brush agitates and removes debris that is trapped in your carpet for a deep clean. Suction release collar can be activated to reduce its power on softer surfaces. This method of cleaning works on the principle of agitating and lifting dirt from the carpeted surface. It is more effective on carpeted surfaces, but you can still use it on hard surfaces, like pile or hardwood floor.
•  The Brush roll
    They are designed for a soft clean especially for bare floors like bathroom and kitchen.
•  Pet turbo brush
    This brush is specifically designed for pet hair. Additionally, it eliminates dirt from stairs and furniture using a handheld motorized brush. Both The Brushroll and pet turbo brush are active and have the same suction power, but the difference comes in when it comes to the agitation process. Other tools can provide a slightly cleaning mechanism
•  Crevice tool
It enables it to clean under furniture, corners, baseboards and other places.
•  Dusting brush
It is useful in removing dust from shelves, upholstery, and furniture to give you the desired cleaning.
•  Appliance wand
It is used when cleaning underneath your home appliance to ensure there is no doubt left on any surface.
•  Post motor HEPA filter
It embraces anti-allergen technology which guarantees up to 99% of harmful airborne substances that can cause respiratory infections. This improves air quality especially if you are allergic. The filter work collectively with dirt collection, brushes and suction to give a thorough cleaning
•  It is light
It weighs only 16 pounds which makes it easy to handle when cleaning. motor components are positioned near the hand thus shifting the center of gravity making it light
•  Warranty
It comes with a 5-year warranty

•  It is one of the efficient vacuum cleaners that sanitizes rooms
•  It is durable
•  It is fast in action
•  It is cheap regarding running cost
•  It has an ergonomic design which is appealing
•  It has powerful canisters that offer support

•  It has a shorter cord which reduces room coverage

Comparisons and test result
    Let us make a comparison between shark navigator vs. rotator because both are made from the same manufacturer.

•  On design
    Though you can think both are similar they have individual differences the NV752 weighs 15.4 pounds while the NV 360 weighs two and a half pounds less. Shark NV360 has a cord which is 25 feet long, and Shark rotator NV752 has a cord which is 30 ft long.

However, both operate on the following three modes
•  Upright mode
•  Power lift –away mode
•  Above-floor mode
On navigation

    Both vacuum cleaners use Sharks swivel steering technology which allows more comfortable and natural maneuverability. This technology is quite impressive such that it will enable the vacuum head to rotate liberally thus enabling it to clean around the corners well

On attachments
Both cleaners have a lot of attachments such as;
•  Pet brush
•  HEPA filters
•  Crevice tool
•  Unique features
    Shark rotator 752 has LED lights and fingertip controls which allows you to switch between the surfaces conveniently and smoothly.
    Vacuuming performance
Navigators and rotators use the same vacuuming technology. However, navigators are quieter when they are cleaning the carpets.

How does it clean?
    The Shark N360 ensures that all the hidden surfaces are cleaned from underneath accessories and home appliances, corners of the house and the furniture. Additionally, it is useful in the dirt and dust detection, pet hair and debris, and it gives priority to the areas that need to be thoroughly cleaned. It has two rolling brushes which agitate debris and dirt on the floor. It collects the dust into the suction path for it to removed.

    After that, the vacuum cleaner will suck the debris and dust and store them in the dustbin. To complete these process, it has high-efficiency filter fitted with HEPA to trap allergen which prevents hair from being contaminated by pet hair.
    The shark NV360 can clean your home in both free fashion and sporadic depending on the mode that you have set the vacuum cleaner. By incorporating all these features, it provides a perfect cleaning that you have always desired.

    Cleaning is a fundamental aspect of a liveable home. Therefore, to achieve this, you might be interested in using vacuum cleaners for general cleaning. However, there will be limited options to this if you are specifically looking for the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair. Pet-oriented vacuum cleaners have standard features such as larger dustbins and greater suction power. Most of them are also specially designed to cater for allergies that might arise due to pet hair.

    Alongside having additional brushes which sweep debris and pet hair, they are also equipped with HEPA filters to trap microscopic dirt and dust particles. If your goal is inclined to cleaning your room to the best way possible, then you have The Shark NV360.All you need to do is to Go to your nearest market and buy one for your home. It is cheaper, and you will love its outstanding performance


Published by Samantha Brown