Which is better, Shark Navigator or Rotator? We will compare shark vacuums side by side to help come up with a reliable conclusion as to which one is better. If you’re planning on buying a vacuum cleaner to help make your cleaning easy, choosing between these two models can be tough but this post should be helpful.

It’s worth noting that the two upright units have several similarities owing to the fact that they are manufactured by the same company. However, the two offer a guarantee of quality and stability that is associated with Shark vacuum cleaners. Here is the comparison

HEPA Filtration

Both Shark Navigator and Shark Rotator are equipped with HEPA filters to prevent allergies. Additionally, they have tight seal canister equipment and a “no loose suction” which makes them ideal for use on both carpets and bare floors including hardwood. This similarity notwithstanding, the two units have various differences when it comes to features including the following:

Weight and portability

Shark Navigator unit is light and portable, an important feature you will need to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. The Lift Away NV356eOne is easy to use which means you do not have to carry a weighty unit from one end to the other during your cleaning exercise. Both Shark Navigator and Rotator have a Lift-Away pod which makes them portable when taken apart.

Both have a 30-ft cord which helps clean large rooms with ease without the need to unplug from your source of power. As you compare shark vacuums side by side, you realize that Rotator Pro NV501 and Navigator Pro NV356E vary in weight with the former having a canister weighing b.4 pounds and the total weight of 15.5 pounds while the latter weighs 8 pounds for a canister and 13.7 pound overall. The Shark Navigator NV356e has an easy-to-empty dust cup weighing 2.2 quarts while the Shark Rotator NV501 comes with a 1.3 quarts dust cup. The Shark Rotator is however different from the Navigator in that is has come additional headlights on its base to help clean dimply-lit areas.

Ease of navigation

When it comes to navigation, it is really hard to pick which one between the Rotator and Navigator is easier due to the design that includes swivel steering for seamless ease when cleaning your surfaces. While the Rotator offers headlights to help illuminate dimly lit areas, the Navigator offers a bigger dust cup thus bringing down the selection to your own specific needs.

Additional accessories

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away features a pet power brush and hard floor attachments while the Rotator Lift-Away features a large turbo brush, a multi-angle dusting brush, canister caddy, straight suction nozzle, and a home and car detail kit with several cleaning heads subject to your model of choice. The Shark Navigator also comes with two microfiber pads for perfect cleaning.

While the differences between these two vacuum cleaners are minor, the truth of the matter is that both offer superior cleaning technology quality cleaning results. However, if you are looking for the best suction power, the Shark Rotator will be the right pick for you as it makes it perfect for deep cleaning. It is accepted that the Shark Rotator has superior cleaning features compared to Shark Navigator but both will still help you get the best results for your cleaning job.


Published by Zachary McGavin