Leon finally caught up with Charlie but he stopped and looked at Layla from a distance. Now was finally his chance to talk to her while she's alone. He never felt so nervous in his life. He had to gather whatever courage he had and walk towards her. As he got closer, he watches her pet the dog. Now it’s time to talk.

    “Princess Layla?” Leon nervously said. Layla turns around and slowly smiles.

    “Leon?” she said in shock. She runs to jump on him and gives him a big hug. She was so happy to see him. She didn't even want to let go of him. He looked so different, but she can still see the child in him.

    “I can't believe it's really you!” she says as she lets go of him. “You're strangely tall… Like really tall! And I'm still… Down here. I felt like I had to climb you like a tree! Um, no forget I said that…. Oh, you have facial hair!”

    Leon started to blush as he touches his chin. He loved the way she complimented him. Now it was Leon’s turn to say something without being flirtatious. “And you- You um… Look… Mature,” Leon said awkwardly. 

    “Mature?” she wondered.

    “Yeah, you definitely have a fair head.”

     She tried her hardest not to blush at that compliment. She had to change the subject. “Um, If I’m correct you're 21… Meaning you're a knight!” She said excitedly.

     “Yeah. I actually got knighted a 16.”

     “Really? How is that possible? Oh never mind, that’s great! You just have to tell me the story! I always knew you were destined for great things. I’m always right, you know. ”

     “Sorry, I should get back to work…” he trailed off.

     Layla felt something strange in the tone of his voice. She wanted to know so much about him from all those years, but she chose to keep it to herself.

    “Great!” She says excitedly but it didn’t make sense to her. Idiot! “Not great… I mean… Carry on…Mother will kill me if she catches me out here.” She starts walking back to the castle but then she stopped. “You look really good Leon. Did I say that already?”

    “Yeah you did.”

    Layla was feeling even more embarrassed. “Okay… You do… Bye!”

*Taken from Succession's chapter 5

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