She was ice  

He was fire  

Both so different  

But oh the passion  

When they met 

They would sizzle with every touch  

For they didn't worry  

About the consequences to be 


He was an ember 

She was water  

Both slowly burning out 

Their differences slowly becoming larger  

More apparent it wouldn't last  

For when they touched  

He would sputter 

And she turned to steam 

they knew  

That water and embers 

Don't mix 

One day  


There would be nothing 


He is ash 

She is steam 

A love so fierce  

There's nothing left  

Burnt out from each other  

The passion gone  

All they were left with  

Are  memories   


She's no longer 

Nor is he  

Both wondering  

''What if ''

Would this have happened  

If they met before  

She was ice  


He was fire  





Published by Randi Beatse