“Run! Layla run!” Leon shouted. Layla followed his directions and ran as fast as she could. The other guards went to follow leaving Leon fighting with one. Leon’s rawboned body was no match for the heavyweight guard. The guard tosses him to the guard and kicks him while he’s down.

   Layla was running for her life. She could see the tents from the festival. She ran as she had a tunnel vision for the festival. As she was so close, she was grabbed by the guard. She started to scream for someone to hear her. Unfortunately, the music and cheering overcast her. She had no choice but to fight back. Her results become unsuccessful as she hits her head against a tree.

    The guard checked to see is she was still alive. Once he felt her breathing, he brags her body further away from the festival and deep into the woods. He stood over her body as he took his sword out. He holds the sword over her heart ready to strike. He stood for almost a minute and still does nothing. He looks at her as the leaves fall and brushes her cheek. The princess was truly of beauty and youth. He sees the innocence that he couldn't bring himself to destroy. He takes the sword and sticks it between her armpit. He pushes it deep into the ground so it wouldn't fall over. He ran away and never looked back.

-Taken from Succession's chapter 4

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