Upon reading the first chapter 

you think you know everything

in the back of your mind

you've painted a harsh picture 

of her...


But do you know how she's earned her scars

the stories behind her smile

the white lies she tells to mask the ugly truth

so she won't lose her sanity

to keep surviving in a cruel harsh world?

did you know she had to learn

take the lead

take care of her heart so fragile.


Did you get to the best part of the book

where she doodled Mrs. next to your name

where she drew

stick drawings of you 

together with her

where she had drawn out hearts and 

where she had mapped out marvelous 

future plans together with you

where it all finally ends

with hot tears wetting pages and cheeks

where out of confusion and angry state

she almost ripped out the leaves

and crossed out every Mrs. next to your name

and swore never to mention your name?


But in a split second.....

she won't even hesitate

just give her a call

she's only waiting.


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo