The theme behind Shmush: The Spinning  The concept behind most puzzle games has for a long time involved a mix and match approach to pattern solving however this loveable new game adds a touch of something new. It incorporates a spin wheel that lets you shuffle the pack with the aid of gravity until a nice combo literally falls into place for the taking. Moreover, the use of irresistibly adorable pieces called “Shmushies” builds a cute and cuddly aura around the gameplay that is proving quite popular with the masses. 

Features Available on both iOS and Android, you can look forward to the following functionalities: 

•  An alluring interface: The home menu is well crafted and boasts an arraignment akin to that of the endearing Windows 10 OS platform. The beauty also extends to various levels with gameplay confined to a fuzzy and circular spin wheel filled with vibrantly colored adorable shmushies.

 •  A revolving spin wheel concept: Shuffling shmushies deviates from the customary swipe and match technique of brain teasers. Instead, it involves spinning the wheel objectively with a view to getting similarly colored pieces to align.

•  A new daily challenge that offers a special level where you can compete against players across the globe on account of the least moves and least time used.

•  A global scoreboard that pits you against others worldwide across various levels to see if your best is good enough.  How to play Gameplay is as simple as can be with each level availing a certain number of limited moves and constricted time as well to collect all shmushies. You can turn the spin wheel to bring together a group of shmushies of the same color so that you can collect all pieces in that group by tapping at a single smushy. Doing so on one surrounded by differently colored pieces will only collect the highlighted one. And that's basically it for the gameplay. 

Why Shmush: The Spinning stands apart from the rest The gameplay might be simple but it has been employed to ingenious effect. Boasting a mechanics that even the not so tech savvy can understand whilst still retaining an air of difficulty that makes levels fun and challenging, this brain teaser finds the right balance between either divide.

A unique spinning to match concept also makes it stand out while the use of lovable big-eyed shmushies appeals to your inner core to do whatever it takes to free those pretty little creatures! It incorporates all the requisite attributes of an excellent puzzle game- great interface, smooth gameplay, fun-filled adventure, and witty patterns- which is why the app’s popularity is spreading as fast as a cheetah chasing down prey in the Serengeti. Don’t get left behind, try the app today! You’re sure to love it!

Published by Calida Jenkins