Hello my lovelies! 

Well, this post is for everyone that’s in love with shoes! I know it, you know it and everyone knows it, there’s not so many space for all the shoes we want to buy. But, we can always shop until we drop. I mean, how perfect can this wardrobe get? Everything is so neat and in the right place. So I decided to share with you 4 types of footwear I am obsessing about. Let’s start:

Black ankle boots

As I already said in one of my previous posts, this booths are something so simple and then again something that looks so good on you. You can probably notice that I like minimal outfits, but can you judge me? They are so elegant, plus they are black, and the fact that they are somewhere near to the ankle allows you to always be light on your feet. 



Adidas snickers

Not sure which one I like better, Superstar, Yeezy or some other model. I mean, nice job Adidas! This year was definitely a break through when it came to wearing snickers and thinking fashion and Adidas knew exactly what to do. I guess it’s sure to say snickers aren’t going anywhere from our wardrobe anytime soon.




I remember when I first watched “Devil wears Prada” and the feeling I got when Andrea put on some stilettos. Everything changed. World got better, I swear. And since we all heard so many times “Beauty hurts” and my research showed that stilettos are probably the most painful shoes to wear, answer honestly, would you wear them anyway?




Yes, I know that Autumn came, but I still can’t get over sandals. My passion for them is only stronger. Since my graduation is getting closer and closer each day I feel like it’s my responsibility to search for the perfect model. Striped or with one belt, everything’s fine with me as long as they are cute. 



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Which footwear do you wear the most? Have you found anything you would like to own from this post? Leave me some comments! If you liked this post, be sure to give the thumbs up and share it with your friends and family!

Hugs and kisses, BS


Published by Borka Šaula