Ever since I started to keep a cat as my pet, my determination to protect animals by all means has become stronger than ever. The reason is simple: I care about my cat and I care equally about his friends. Because of that, I gradually switched my skincare routine to non-animal testing products.

If you are still contemplating why you should stand against animal testing, ask yourself these:

  1. Do you think rabbits, mice and cats are adorable and cute?
  2. Does it pain you to see their eyes and skin being corroded by chemicals?
  3. Does it anger you to see them being put under strong UV light until they get burnt?
  4. Does it sadden you to see them being injected with a lethal dose of chemicals (which causes a 50% death rate)?

If you answered “Yes” to all of the above, I confirm that you are mentally healthy with the heart of an empath. Looking at my cat, I simply loathe the idea that thousands and thousands of adorable animals like him are suffering at this very moment just to keep me safe. But you know what? This really gets under my skin: This endless torture is in fact completely unnecessary.


In the era of technological advancement, animal testing is very much outdated. Instead there are plenty of substitutions including testing on artificial human tissue and choosing established ingredients. In fact, cruelty-free movement is gaining momentum globally. Many countries are ending animal testing through trade bans and legal reforms. There are exceptions though. China, for example, still conducts animal testing on imported cosmeceutical products.

How do you choose non-animal testing products then? If truth be told, it is extremely tricky. Lots of brands, from high end to drugstore, claim that they don’t use animal testing. However, they are cleverly concealing the fact that they outsource their animal testing procedure with semantic ambiguity. As long as they are selling in China, the brands are required to conduct animal testing by law. In this case, even if they proclaim to be anti-animal testing, they are not.

Fortunately, Hong Kong does not require animal testing on imported cosmetic products. Where can we shop cruelty-free then? Here’s my recommendations:

  1. Lemongrass House

Processed with Snapseed.I am a huge fan of lavender, and Lemongrass House has the most natural lavender-scented products I have ever tried. Based in Phuket, Thailand, the brand sells all sorts of aromatherapeutic products made with natural ingredients by hand. Their eco-consciousness extends to the packaging, which is all made from recyclable materials. Beside shower gel and body scrub, I also love using their lavender pillow spray. It relaxes me and gets me ready for a good sleep.

Selling aromatherapeutic products, pet care and personal care products, Lemongrass House has physical stores in Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Bay, Tai Po and Tuen Mun. It is also available on HKTV Mall.

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Processed with Snapseed.Known to be multi-functional, olive oil is a must-have for many homes. I like to remove my makeup with it. Since it’s anti-inflammatory, it gives my skin a natural layer of protection while effectively removing makeup. Talking about killing two birds with one stone. After removing makeup, my skin doesn’t feel dry and tight, instead it gives me a subtle glow without being oily.

3. HKTV Mall

Processed with Snapseed.

I constantly do grocery shopping at HKTV Mall, and recently I discovered an awesome function: If you type “Cruelty free” in the search bar…


It will redirect you to a cruelty-free category page!


This online store is especially convenient for those who want to shop cruelty-free but don’t know how.

I bought a shampoo from Korean brand aromatica. It is GMP-certified. Most important of all, it’s reasonably priced too. I like mint and this tea tree and spearmint scent is super refreshing. I found out that the brand is also available at LOG-ON too. You can check it out there before purchasing.

Beside the brands above, there are many other shops that carry cruelty-free products (e.g. LUSH). If you spend a little time to do research (or stay tuned on 852kindsofhappiness), I am sure you will find a cruelty-free product that you like!


Published by Sherry Chou