Yesterday I had a burst of energy! Yeah! I got work done then decided to go for a walk along the Silver Comet Trail here in Atlanta. I put on some happy music and next thing I knew I was dancing my way along 4 miles of trail. Apparently 4 miles is still a bit much. I kept my energy up until about 5:30 when I just crashed. Good thing I didn't try running...

Anyway, that just shows me that better days are ahead. And I am definitely beginning to notice differences in my body. My bloat is almost completely gone. My brain fog clears at times. And, as I mentioned - the energy is coming back. Yeah!!

So, ok, it had to come up eventually. Poop. No, literally. Poop. I mean, come on, I went from barely eating fruits to almost exclusively eating fruits with some raw veggies mixed in. That's going to change things up a bit.

Perhaps it's TMI, but I've actually been following the changes in my diet based on my poop. It's kind of fascinating. The first 6 days were constipation. That sucked. It hurt. Everything was just so stuck in there. Then the next 2 days my body finally started eliminating that packed junk.

Day 9 was a party in my bathroom. Well, not really, but I spent so much time in there I might as well have made it one. Yup, the fruits REALLY kicked in. I was in the bathroom probably every hour to hour and a half. It made getting anything done a little difficult not to mention how fearful I was to leave the house!

That lasted only a day thank goodness. Now I am left with some sticky stuff. Not sure if that is normal at this stage, but really not fun. I hope it's just more crap being detoxed out of my body. I am anxious for the day when it's all good in the hood.

You probably don't want to share, but if you have had any similar experiences I would love to know I am not going through it alone!!

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