“Hey, wait a minute!! I’m coming!” I almost screamed to Judy. She’s my best friend and we’ve been together for 6 years. 
Few days ago, I read in a magazine, the Funderland Amusement Park, found in 1910 was not very popular at first but it came into headlines when 7 people died unexpectedly and all of them were sitting in the Roller Coaster. Or Sam’s roller coaster as they all call it. Sam Winters was a officer who checked the rides before the park opened for public. One day he died while checking the roller coaster. No one could solve this mystery of his death.
And Judy loved to test these horror and creapy rides. And worst, she took me with her. Everytime. And I couldn’t say no.
When we reached there I looked at the gate and it looked a little weird to me. Long lost parks don’t have such shiny gates. But I removed the thought and concentrated on detesting her decision.
“I don’t see anyone!”
“Shut up! You can’t spot ghosts just when you enter!” I snapped at her.
“Whoa! Someone needs to slow down”
“I’m-I’m sorry. I just feel tired.” I took out my handkerchief to soak up the small drops of sweat that had now formed on my forehead. I patted it on my forehead. I was really feeling sick. Not normal sick, just a weird kind of sickness, the one you get when you continuously turn round and round and round and the whole world turns woozy and you don’t know what to do. 
Then I saw Judy run through the gates and towards the darkness. I felt a strange presence. I knew something was wrong with this place. Although I don’t believe in ghosts but whatever was present here I didn’t like it. Not at all.
I have to save her. I have to get her back. I thought and ran in the direction she went. 
I think I just saw a mary-go-round start by itself. 
“Judy! Judy come back! Where are you?”
“Behind you!”
I turned back, “Oh my god Judy you scared-“
There was no one there. But I heard her voice. Or I thought she was here.
I didn’t know what was going on but I pretty much hated this place now. 
What shall I do? Leave her here and go back? Was I that scared to leave my best friend in a park full of things I didn’t know. No. I’m going to find her. But how? And if while finding her something happens to me? 
These negative thoughts hovered around my mind. I decided to find her anyway. 
I walked to the Roller Coaster first thinking she might have gone there. I saw the coaster and only one thing came out of my mouth-“Judy-“. The Roller Coaster was something I can’t describe in words. The atmosphere reeked of a presence so strong that the whole coaster was surrounded by a white fog. I heard her voice again. But this time it sounded weird. Like there are multiple voices speaking with her. I saw her coming towards me. She was walking with a limp and her face was bruised so badly that her left eye seemed to have lost every sense. I knew she was not Judy. I waked out of  my thought and I ran and ran till I got out of that amusement park. 
And that was one year ago. You want to know what happened? I left her. Yes I left her. She didn’t came home that night. And her body was never found. 
The guilt consumes me everyday. The guilt that I didn’t help her. The guilt that I was alive and she was somewhere else.
*The End*

Published by Vrushali Pathak