A splash of water atop my skull
Yet the sky blue
Nary a cloud to see
Your smile, infectious
Creating the urge for me to match
Your voice a soothing melody
Of which I’m sparingly in attendance
Expressive, soulful
What hides behind them?
What have they seen?
Our conversations, thrilling
All too infrequent
My daily thoughts feature you
My response scattered
Tertiary as most of life's experiences seem
Our paths, split
Days ticked away
Weeks dissolved
Enthralled in such a slumber
I suddenly awoke
Chest pounding
Like a hammer to nail
This is a dream?
I must be asleep
Your name
On my mind
Floated effortlessly from my lips
What it all could be....
My head nestled into the pillow
Eyelids shut
Mind racing
Revved in high gear
Eyes focused
Skin tingling
I couldn’t imagine this
Not now
At this time in my life
I have little to offer
Should I reveal what I’m thinking?
Although I’m unsure what those thoughts mean?
You returned
We hugged
Conversed seamlessly
Your face, beamed
I held off a simmering anxiety
As we parted my heart sank
And I knew
What shall I do?
I’ve developed true feelings for you
At such a volatile time in my life
What shall I do?
Should I let you know?

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Published by Sthe writer