Waxing has been one of the most popular methods of hair removal for a really long time. Women are definitely open to the idea of trying new ways of getting rid of hair from their body, but waxing is still one of the top five choices that women prefer all across the globe. Even though the process is painful and takes a lot of time, it still happens to be a favourite when it comes to hair removal. If you have been looking for other hair removal methods and you are not too sure whether or not you should say goodbye to waxing then here are a few things about waxing you should know.

It Opens Up The Pores Of Your Body

When you wax it opens up all the pores on your body and this means that your skin is more prone to infections and allergies. When all the pores in your skin open up it gets difficult for your skin to breathe and this could cause more infections. Waxing can also lead to ingrown hair which is a common problem that a lot of women face. When you wax on a regular basis you may have a number of ingrown hairs all over your body. When you avoid ingrown hair, it could get infected and there could be puss that forms in it. If you want to make sure that you have clean and smooth skin after a waxing session then you need to make sure that you apply a lot of cream and wash your body with cold water so that the pores relax and close.

It Could Leave Your Skin Sore

While people try to stay away from an epilator because they believe that it is painful and it can end up making your skin sore, the truth is that waxing can make it even worse. When you wax, you pull out a large amount of hair from your body and this usually shocks your skin. When this happens your skin tends to react badly and it often turns red. This usually happens to people who have sensitive skin or who haven't waxed for a long time.

If you are trying waxing for the first time you might want to start off with a small area because there's a strong chance that your skin will get sore after the waxing process. If you want to make sure that you do not suffer from soreness then you may want to try out better waxes such as chocolate wax or wax beans. These don't hurt as much and they are safer for sensitive skin.

Brazilian Wax Isn't As Fun As You Thought It Is

Brazilian wax might help you get clean down there, but it doesn't come easy. This is very painful and it hurts much more than any other waxing process that is available. It takes a long time and once you have completed the process, you need to continue doing it so that you don't have rough hair growing. Once you complete the waxing process you will usually be very sore and it will be difficult for you to walk. There are a number of infections that could be caused due to a Brazilian wax. While some people believe that it is hygienic to get it done, the truth is that a Brazilian wax could introduce various infections rather than helping you stay clean. If you want to get rid of pubic hair then the best way to do it would be to either use a trimmer or an epilator.

Published by Zac Ferry